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[Margarets Perspective]

I made some space for Angel and the others to walk in.

I kept my gaze on Elizabeth. She looked a little off.

She didnt seem to be able to support herself. She didnt seem to notice the sharp blade at her neck. She was almost dragged into the house by the tall Lycan.

I wanted to make eye contact with Elizabeth, but her eyes were glazed as she looked at the ground.

“What did you do to her” I shouted at Angel.

“Dont talk to me like that!” Angel reached out and slapped me.

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Her slap caught me off guard. I staggered and half fell onto the bed.

I touched my face and looked at Angel. She looked down at me arrogantly, as if I were an ant at her feet.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Elizabeth. She was still looking confused. I knew this was not the time to be angry.

I closed my eyes for a moment. “What did you do with her” I repeated, humiliated.

Angel glanced back at Elizabeth. “Shes fine. I just fed her some drinks.”

“What did you feed her” I asked.

“Do you want to know” Angel gave me a charming smile. She took out a small black bottle and waved it in front of me. “Dont worry,” she said. “You have your share too. Drink it.”

I looked warily at the vial in Angels hand. It couldnt be good. Based on Elizabeths reaction, the liquid might confuse my mind and incapacitate me. When that happened, I would be at Angels mercy. I mustnt rashly drink what she gave me.

I thought about the little bottle I had picked up from Angel the last time. Where did she get these strange things I should have told Donald then.

Donald… He just sent me a message saying that he would be here soon. What I needed to do was to stall for time. As long as I chatted with Angel for a while longer, I could turn the situation around when Donald appeared here. Then Angel wouldnt be able to escape easily.

Angel raised her eyebrows at me and said, “I dont mind doing you a favor if you dont want to drink it yourself.”

She stepped forward, looking like she wanted to force it down my throat.

“No, Ill do it myself,” I quickly reached out to take the small black bottle.

Instead of unscrewing it immediately, I observed it first. The appearance of this bottle looked very similar to the last one. Perhaps the style of bottles of this size was similar.

Like the bottle I had picked up last time, there were no letters or markings around it. Its glass body was very smooth and it could be held completely in the palm of the hand without being discovered by others.

“How much longer are you going to look at that bottle” Angel said.

“What is it inside” I avoided the topic.

“Would you believe me if I said it was Coke” Angel scoffed.

“It doesnt look like theres gas in it.” I raised the small bottle to the light and said, “A Coke without gas tastes terrible. I think soda with ice in it in the summer is the best. What do you think”

“Its stupid of you to try to stall for time like this.” Angel stepped back and reached out to pull Elizabeth in front of her. “One more useless word from you and Ill break her neck.”

“Dont!” I knew my method had failed. I had to unscrew the bottle and put the content in my mouth.

I looked at Angel. She was looking at me too. She noticed my gaze and moved the blade closer to Elizabeth threateningly.

I still wanted to make one last attempt. Donald might be on his way here right now. I just had to hold on for another two minutes, a minute, even 30 seconds. It might turn things around for Elizabeth and me.

I sniffed the liquid inside. It was clearly not Coke. It looked innocuous.

“Is this sweet” I asked.

Angel was too impatient to talk to me again. She exerted force with her hand. I watched as the tip of her knife pricked Elizabeths skin a little. Soon blood seeped out from where she had been cut. Elizabeth still did not react.

Again, I had no choice.

I forced myself to take a sip. It was hard to describe the taste of this black liquid. It couldnt be described as sour, sweet, bitter, or salty. It was closer to being tasteless.

It had a smooth texture, as if it had been mixed with talcum powder. After swallowing it, there was still a smooth aftertaste in the mouth, which gave one a strange sense of nausea. To be specific, it had a sweet but metallic, rusty taste.

I was so disgusted by the taste that I held onto the bed and retched.

I held the small bottle that was still more than half full of black liquid and couldnt help but feel a chill.-

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