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Adventures of sapphire volpus (female mc) A new monster is born chapter 9

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Two years before jack and Skannon head go to grassmer

Unknown base location

There is a girl with metal around her arms and legs, forcing her to be strapped to a table. she has white hair, white fox ears, one being shorter then the other, sharp but bright blue eyes with a hateful glare, a fire tattoo on her left side and a lightning tattoo on her right sides that moves, like the elements are alive. her fingernails extended like claws, within her mouth sharper then normal canines, her stomach is being exposed as it seems to be healing extremely quickly.

" well animal, I have to say I am slightly impressed that you stayed sane, especially after turning feral" "f*ck off pr*ck, I will get you back for this, Ill get you all back, slowly and painfully" " ha, ye right animal, youve been saying that for years now and look at you, still chained up, getting us money and being an amazing test subject and I have to say, even for a lowlife animal, not looking to bad, good hips, legs, chest, buttocks, they all develops wonderfully thanks to us, only down sides are all the scars and your hatful personality other then that perfect" " ILL MAKE YOU ALL BEG FOR MERCY WHEN I GET OUT!" "David, enough teasing, you know she is not old enough for that, anyway give the girl the meal, shell need it. " " fine, here animal, you know the drill. Eat this and I won need to force feed you again.

The scientist called David presents sapphire with a large amount of meat and mana cores, with no way out sapphire just eats what is put in front of her, as its just humiliating to be force fed at her age. { title evolved to intermediate level, title name changed to intermediate monster} as this pops up sapphire then attempts to lunge at David. The metal around her hand and feet start to creek and morph, " great, David, tranquilizer her again" David, turns around and picks up the tranquilizer and shoots sapphire with it, only to piss sapphire off more, the metal bars start to split, sapphire pushing the metal restrainers to there limit and past it as the first one breaks around her leg, David backs up, fear showing on his face, as her foot is free, ice leaks uncontrollably from her foot, freezing the ground and seemingly extending the claws on her feet, turning them into ice, going from there 2 inches of length to 4 inches, sapphire has anger in her eyes, and a sadistic grin appearing on her face, her left hand is set free and the same thing happens, ice starts uncontrollable spreading from her hands, freezing part of the table her hand touches while also turning her claws into ice.

the ice enhanced claw extending to around 5 inches, the ice soon coming to a stop. " sa stay back, m m monster stay back" David screams. Sapphire slashes at David and as she does, ice shoots from her hand and slashes Davids face, then both her other leg and hand get free, freezing over and extending her claws on those hand and feet to the same length as the others.

Sapphire, now set free, sapphire pounces to David, landing on top of him, David screams in pain as the ice and cold released from sapphire is to much for him and his skin cracks, sapphire seeing this, picks one of her claws and slowly inserts it in between Davids ribs.

Pulls down slowly forcing that rib to slowly fracture. Thud, thud, thud. Hearing heavy footprints, sapphire turns around and is smashed with a hammer straight into the gut, the force behind the hammer sent sapphire flying across the room and into the wall.

" get professor David out and distract the girl until the tranquilizer kicks in." Unknown in heavy armour" understood, how rough can I be." " The girl has healing properties, be as rough as you want." The armoured figure then looks towards were sapphire was sent, seeing a dust/smoke screen he decided to walk towards it, the reason, so sapphire does not have time to recover.

Dust screen is covering sapphire from view , as the armour figured approaches " didn you say something about making us pay, yet you can even take a single shot from me, wow what a let down" … sapphire then jumps out the smoke, causing the armoured figure to move back, well they should of, but it appears his feet are encased in ice. As the armoured figure cannot move he instead puts his war hammer handle in between himself and sapphire, stopping sapphire in her tracks. Sapphire who is hanging onto the war hammer handle uses her clawed feet and grabs the armoured figures chest, ripping into it.

The armoured figure then throws his hammer getting rid of sapphire for now, he then focuses on breaking the ice around his feet, "Phwwht" the armour figured looked towards the whistle sound, only to see his hammer flying at him and hitting him in the face. Sapphire then start to wobbly walk over, as her muscles in her arms wriggle and shift back into the right positions, arriving at the armoured figure and lifted up his helmet slightly, just enough for her to see his throat and slashes it.

As sapphire walks towards the door her vision gets worse and worse until she blacks out.

Unknown hours later

Sapphire has been moved to another room, in this room there is a table with a syringe with an unknown white liquid within it, a plain floor and walls, a window next to a metal door and sapphire once again strapped to a table.

Splash, " f*ck you" a wet faced sapphire says, instead of David, the pestilence is now standing there with the syringe in his hand.

"Well girl, I have to say you did more damage then I thought you would here but oh well, this will be the last thing we will be using on you lets hope this works, as you are the last one after all. Now lets see her stats first shall we." He pulls out an old scroll and points it towards sapphire.

Sapphires stats

Name sapphire vulpes title (intermediate monster Ev 3/5)

Race beast kin winter fox (feral) - ice fox monster

Age 13

Mana core (monster) D rank - red stable

Exp 0/10

Hp 4500

Mp 3620

Str 300

Dex 330

Con 350

Int 60

Char 80

Luck 30

Sp 50


Monster physiology (physical)Ev 2/3 , monster core, adaptability, cold immunity, ice resistance Ev 1/2, double sp, double exp, beast kin physiology(winter fox) ice magic{monster- innate}, spacial magic, gravity magic , fire magic (boon), lightning magic (boon), extreme will, high level fast self healing Ev 5/5 , pain resistance Ev5/5, feral fox claws Ev 1/3, stone skin, pain resistance Ev5/5, poison resistances Ev 1/3, drug resistance Ev 1/3

Pestilence without warning injects the white liquid into sapphire " here hoping project S. M is a success, then we can control a new monster" pestilence says with an upbeat voice.

For a couple minutes nothing happens, sapphire" well, what you put in me, nothing is happening". " Oh girl , just a couple more seconds, its just getting use to you." "What? That makes no sense."

AHHHHHHHHH! sapphire suddenly screams in pain as a white substance suddenly comes out of her mouth, ears, eyes, mouth, spilling everywhere, endlessly, " haven heard her scream like that for a while" what they don see is that this white substance is actually attacking her soul, trying to rip her soul out and replace it, this happens for a couple of minutes when eventually sapphire stops screaming, laying lifeless on the table " well that was a disappointment, I will take my leave now, please clean this mess up David and make sure not to get any of that substance on you please, it will not end well for you.

A minute or so later David came into the room, with a bloodied but bandaged face and chest. As he walks towards sapphire he is mumbling most of his words. He grabs a syringe and turns around, only to see something on sapphire that was not there before, a whole, a whole right above a chest, as he looks closer he sees that it goes all the way through, but for some reason he can see the rib cage or anything else while looking through the hole. " its what you deserve animal, I just wish yous screamed more before dying. "

david takes his time cleaning up as he is talking to the other scientists that entered. They were curious on what pestilence was doing, and when they came in they saw sapphire body covers in a white substance and a whole in her chest, one of the scientists suddenly spoke up " somethings not right, her body, it shouldn be doing that right."

When they all go and look at sapphires body, her body is jolting forward, twisting, a horrid snapping can be heard as the white substance starts covering her body more and more, taking over her body, and around sapphire face, is starts to harden.

" Hay open the door… NOW!" Then a horrific screech comes from the direction of sapphires body, a mix of a monster and sapphires screams put together, the screech was deafening, as it pops some of the scientists eardrum.

Were Sapphires body once was, a large bone white creature now stands, a whole in the chest, a Basic white mask with black markings around the eyes that blend in with the black sclera and piercing yellow eyes. The black marking turn into lines that go up the mask, to the top of its head and towards the tips of the ears, painting the tips that would of been bone white a pitch black, the lower jaw and upper jaw have pure white serrated teeth that show a clear separation between the lower and upper jaw. A long thick tail that sways with power, its on all fours, almost like a large fox except for the large and long claws at the end of the paws. It has a fire tattoo on its left front leg and a lightning tattoo on its front right leg, which move around like they are alive, this creature stands at around 10ft tall and 10ft long.

This unknown creature eyes the scientists, watching, the scientists can feel its gaze, like its looking right at there soul, a static thum( the sonido from bleach sound affect) can be heard as the massive creature disappears from the spot, a deafening silence fills the room, thud, all the scientists look towards the noise, one of the female scientists arms are on the floor, and that white creature is standing behind her, it happens so fast that the female scientist hasn even registered her arm being cut off… a couple seconds later just as she opens her mouth to scream, she is crushed by the claws of this creature, as the rest of the scientists look at the creature all of them could swear it was smiling with its eyes.

Scientists 1 " what do we do, how do we get out." Scientists 2 " help me, please, someone." Scientist 3 we need to somehow get to the door." number 3 then decided in there mind what they needed to do, he slowly moves forward, " I have a plan, I just need you to follow me , I will execute a way for us to get out, I need to count to 5 though." " Ok" "1… 2… 3…4…" and number 3 shoves number 2 right at this white creature, hoping to distract it as number 3 heads towards the door. Number 2 falls face first directly in front of the creature, they just close their eyes and wait for death… but he just heard the door open, so he looks and sees 3 and 1 going out the door not looking back, the creature just watches then leave, number 2 then decides to quickly get up and go through the door as well, the creature just watches them leave with the same smiling eyes, only to disappear with a static thum only after a minute has passed.

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