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Perfected Immortal Fei Yun glared at the Thunder Emperor fiercely with bloodshot eyes.

He was a legacy disciple of one of the four immortal sects, Imperial Wind Temple.

Furthermore, he was a paragon among the legacy disciples and was extremely famous in the Divine Firmament Immortal Domain.

There was no way he could endure such a failure!

He did not believe that with his talent and combat strength, he would lose to someone who had a shattered Dao Fruit and was severely injured!

“Blade Storm!”

Perfected Immortal Fei Yun channeled his Essence Spirit recklessly and released a killing secret skill of Imperial Wind Temple!

Using True Essence as the foundation, the secret skill condensed into endless sharp blades that spun and gathered continuously.

Finally, they formed an apocalyptic storm that could sweep through all living beings and tear everything apart!

The richer the True Essence and the more sharp blades condensed, the stronger the secret skill.

Now, under the control of Perfected Immortal Fei Yun, the many flying saber shards that fell to the ground turned into cold beams of light and surged into the storm.

The Blade Storm became even more terrifying and devoured towards the Thunder Emperor.

The Thunder Emperor swung the Spirit Vanquishing Whip in his hands towards the Blade Storm!


The Spirit Vanquishing Whip collided with it and shattered on the spot.

Not far away, Perfected Immortal Fei Yun swayed slightly and his eyes dimmed.

Suddenly, his aura turned extremely weak.

The power of the Spirit Vanquishing Whip could descend directly into the Essence Spirit.

However, he managed to endure it eventually.

Because his Essence Spirit was damaged, the Blade Storm paused for a moment as well.

Right then, the Thunder Emperor did not dodge or avoid.

Instead, he advanced and charged into the Blade Storm with a single step, arriving at the center!

Dense wounds appeared on the Thunder Emperors body from the storm.

However, the deepest of those injuries merely tore through his flesh and could not injure his bones.

The Thunder Emperor created the Void Thunder Manual and his Thunder Bones were incomparably tough and unshakable!

Under the powerful blood qi of the Thunder Emperor and the medicinal effects of the Seven Glow Immortal Ginseng, those external injuries stopped bleeding in the blink of an eye and began to heal.

The Thunder Emperors blood qi rose continuously and he stood in the middle of the Blade Storm.

Lightning surrounded his body and he was mighty and unmoved!

Perfected Immortal Fei Yun was shocked when he saw that.

The Blade Storm of Imperial Wind Temple was extremely powerful and few secret skills could take it head-on.

However, the Blade Storm was not without weaknesses.

The center of the storm was the weakness of the secret skill!

However, even if someone knew about that weakness, it was useless.

Those people were minced before they could enter the center of the storm.

But now, Perfected Immortal Fei Yun witnessed a person barge into the center of the storm with his body and stand right in the eye of the storm!

“Who do you think you are How dare you challenge me!”

The Thunder Emperors gaze was like lightning as he hollered and smashed the Startling Evil Spear in his hands heavily against the ground!


The entire Soaring Dragon Mountain Range shook!

A blinding thunderbolt burst forth from the Startling Evil Spear and engulfed the Blade Storm instantly!

The flying saber shards were shattered into dust by the Startling Evil Spears berserk power and scattered in midair.

The Blade Storm was destroyed by a single move from the Thunder Emperor!

Perfected Immortal Fei Yun finally lowered his head.

He could not help but admit that the difference between the two of them was way too great!

Previously, he even boasted that if the Thunder Emperor was born in the same era as him, the latter would not be able to obtain the glory of the Supreme Perfected Immortal.

Now that he thought about it, it was truly laughable.

Perfected Immortal Fei Yun swiped his storage bag and took out a teleportation talisman.

He tore it apart and prepared to leave.

The void behind him suddenly collapsed and a gigantic dark tunnel appeared.

Perfected Immortal Fei Yuns figure disappeared within.

“Trying to flee”

The Thunder Emperor sneered and vanished from the spot in a flash!


The Startling Evil Spear arrived instantly and its gigantic spearhead shone with the light of thunder as it streaked through the void, as though the entire world was trembling in sorrow!


A blood beam burst forth from the dark tunnel!

The Thunder Emperor raised his Startling Evil Spear and Perfected Immortal Fei Yuns figure was sent flying from the spatial tunnel!

Perfected Immortal Fei Yun did not dare to let his Essence Spirit leave his body in the spatial tunnel either.

Without the protection of his body, even the Essence Spirit of a Perfected Immortal could not withstand the pressure of the spatial tunnel.

A gigantic hole appeared in Perfected Immortal Fei Yuns chest because of the Startling Evil Spear and blood gushed out like a fountain.

The Startling Evil Spear was a Pure Yang Spirit Treasure and the power of thunder that surrounded it was adhered to the wound.

Even Perfected Immortal Fei Yun who could be reborn with a drop of blood would not be able to heal the wound within a short period of time.

“Feng Cantian, you cant kill me!”

Perfected Immortal Fei Yun endured the pain and grit his teeth.

“Im from Imperial Wind Temple…”


Before Perfected Immortal Fei Yun could finish, the Thunder Emperor stabbed in reverse and pierced his glabella, destroying his Essence Spirit on the spot!

“Ill kill you even if youre a legacy disciple of Imperial Wind Temple!”

The Thunder Emperor sneered, “Youre way too naive to think that you can suppress me with Imperial Wind Temple!”

Who was Feng Cantian back then

The person who almost established an Immortal Kingdom in the Divine Firmament Immortal Domain and almost became a king after entering the Grotto-heaven realm!

He could fight against Immortal Kings and look down on Divine Firmament Palace, even breaking off ties with the upper world factions of the entire Divine Firmament Immortal Domain—how could he fear the reputation of Imperial Wind Temple

On the other side, Prince Yuan Zuo and Lone Star joined forces with many Green Cloud County Earth and Heaven Immortal guards to shatter the Black Tortoise Sacred Soul before long!

Although the Black Tortoise Sacred Soul was strong, it could only defeat a top-tier Heaven Immortal expert.

It could not withstand the encirclement of so many Heaven Immortal experts at all.

The moment the Black Tortoises Sacred Soul shattered was the moment the Thunder Emperor dispelled the Blade Storm.

When Prince Yuan Zuo saw that the situation was bad, he had no choice but to leave in regret.

The other cultivators dispersed as well, afraid that they would be killed by the Thunder Emperor.

Even Perfected Immortal Jing Yue had already escaped from this place when he saw Perfected Immortal Fei Yun defeated.

He ran to the horizon and was almost about to disappear from everyones line of sight.

The Thunder Emperor glared at Perfected Immortal Jing Yue with a cold expression.

“Dont go,”

Just as the Thunder Emperor was about to chase after Perfected Immortal Jing Yue, Perfected Immortal Burial Night suddenly spoke and shook his head gently.

“We cant linger here.

Those two can catch up at any moment.

You cant defeat them yet.”

The Thunder Emperor narrowed his eyes slightly and took a deep breath, gradually calming down.

Of the two people mentioned by Perfected Immortal Burial Night, one was the heir of King Jin, King Anshi, and the other was King Tianxing.

Those were two Immortal Kings!

For the past year, he had not been able to escape the pursuit of the two Immortal Kings completely!

Even if his injuries recovered, it would be difficult for him to fight against Immortal Kings, let alone the fact that he had yet to recover.

Prince Yuan Zuo had clearly hidden this plan from the heir of King Jin and King Tianxing.

However, the news of such an intense battle in the Soaring Dragon Mountain Range could not be hidden for long.

Given the methods of Immortal Kings, they could release Major Transference to tear through the void and teleport far away.

If the heir of King Jin and King Tianxing knew about this, they would arrive here within a few breaths!

At that time, not only him, even Perfected Immortal Burial Night, Su Zimo and Feng Ziyi would die here!

“Lets leave first!”

The Thunder Emperor picked up the storage bag of the naked burly man and said in a deep voice.

Perfected Immortal Burial Night took out a teleportation talisman and tore it apart, revealing a spatial tunnel beside it.

The Thunder Emperor protected Su Zimo and Feng Ziyi and entered the tunnel with Perfected Immortal Burial Night, disappearing.

Peace returned to the Soaring Dragon Mountain Range.

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