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I Am a Player chapter 6

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when he pressed death claw it says he can fuse it with the wolfs fang creating a sword that can sheath the enemy smoothly, it also got a passive that can take dark mana, dark mana can be used to summon demons and control them.

interesting he pressed the combine button and then a window popped up


Deaths excalibur

- A sword that is as sharp as cerberus tooth can petrify the enemy with the poison from the death claw


< can regain dark mana to summon creatures from hell>


hats interesting is what he thought, a good item indeed, he could use this to his advantage.

He contacted his friend via window system, telling him that they should meet in their usual spot for the reason that he wanted to show him his new acquired weapon, his friend replied

" man, i can right now, im currently fighting a C class dungeon with the adventurers guild, in half an hour or 1 and a half our ill meet you ackkkk-" the videocall was cut off which signifies that he must had been hit by the orc from the background of the call.

he waited for his friend for an hour and a half on their usual spot, which is behind the cathedral. He finally arrived and looks so tired.

" Xavier my dude" he said with a bro fist in which he accepted,

" So watcha gonna show me?" his friend andrew said with a gleeful smile, then Xavier prompted him to go inside the cottage

they sat on the chair inside the cottage then he pulled out the excalibur from the inventory of his window and placed it on the table

" holy **, this looks good, you got an inventory shucks, you lucky bastard" andrew was about to touch the sword when he stopped him in doing so " this is extremely dangerous, this is inlaid with poison that could kill you in an instant" he said with a commanding tone, " inlaid?" andrew asked with a raised eyebrow,

" i combined 2 items in which created a weapon. " xavier said with a small smile plastered on his face " wait yours enables you to combine things,.??! i tried combing weapons but it doesn allow me to" his friend said looking glum, xavier placed his weapon back to his inventory with careful grasp.

"So how was your battle earlier?" he asked his friend " well it went alright i guess we got a tanker and a healer and a fighter, i am of course the fighter with 2 other members of my team" andrew replied with a wide grin his hand playing with one coin, rolling it on the table gracefully

" can you help me tomorrow? i would like to battle a c class dungeon.." xavier said looking at him in the eye which indicates he is serious

" uh sure man for as long i aint gonna die yeah" andrew said with a knowing look, he haven seen his xavier went on a dungeon after all since he usually went on his own.

They talked and talked about their past experiences until they get tired and went their seperate ways. they also told each other that they shall meet again on their usual place tomorrow for their dungeon adventure together.

from the store system he bought 10 Health potion and poison immunity because of the excalibur he have. it also affects the user you see. then he has fallen into deep slumber, He is ready for tomorrow indeed.

Once dawn arrived, Xavier prepared himself for battle ,he wore some armor that he bought from the adventurer guild a fee days ago and some protective gear to lessen the damage taken, but its pretty durable and costly but it is sort of worth it, he checked everything before leaving his house and going to their usual spot

The up sign indicated that his durability to the poison has increased, the poison is indeed taking a toll in him but he doesn mind,but he hopes that he won collapse in the midst of battle.

His friend were first to arrive he can see his figure even from afar, wearing a black with a hint of red jacket and white top on the inside and some pants and black sneakers,

They both went to the hidden portal on the abandoned subway, it became abandoned for the reason that since the portal started to show up monsters emerged on numerous places around the world and this subway became one of the places that are the zone of disaster since monsters emerged from this place first

It may be a c class but it was considered as a danger zone due to the monsters that can suddenly emerge at an abnormal rate, and this subway is also where frequent portals open that is why its not considered as face, well no place is considered safe at the moment, everyplace are plague with monsters but this one is the worse,

Its eerie how quiet this place is, this place should be infested by monsters by now?


{ C class/:;((,:)(( A Class dungeon has emerged}

Numerous warnings suddenly appeared in front of him, blinding him on purpose

"Shit, close all windows" said hexious in which the system oblige an A Ranked serpent emerged from the portal, slithering and roaring in the process venom emitting from its fangs, trailing downwards its scaly body, the skin is said as hard as a tanks shield, he just hopes his sword will penetrate against its hard shells it also got horns for some unknown reason

it spotted them both, the serpent came rushing towards them breaking the platform in the process the train tracks bending from the heavy body and sharp scales of the large serpent

"What do we do man" said andrew jumping and evading the attacks of the serpent of the dark lord, the serpent seems to be only attracted to the hint of red bright color of his friends jacket

" throw your jacket away, its attracted to it" said Hexious. His friend followed and threw his jacket to the serpents face stunning it on the process,

Hexious surveyed the surrounding parts of the snake finding for a weakness and he found one, the soft shell near its asshole and so he swung his sword with all his might from the asshole to his head , one glide of his death excalibur then the serpent were now annihilated,

" , you made me into a bait " said his friend tearing up, well Andrew is a bit of a softie, but for as long as the snake was dead they are fine, that is just the beginning, they went inside the portal only to be surprised at the view, this is nothing like what he thought it would be, large trees as tall as 500 to 700 meters with large growing mushrooms estimated size 200-250 meters in diameter, what in the world is this, there is probably even larger serpent…

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