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The fever that passed through Ophelia did not pass on to anyone else.

Now, the footsteps of the guests were gradually stopping.

Relatives from Cambridge, who stayed in the mansion, returned without any criticism, only watching Alyssa quietly.

For the first time

Alyssa let out a trembling breath.

Now it felt like Cambridge was embracing her.

No longer will they accuse Alyssa of Avery’s guilt and treat her like the murderer who killed Kendrick.

It was what she had been hoping for, and she was strangely perplexed when she should have been happy.

The more she remembered Sid, the more confused she got.

‘What should I do’

Alyssa’s selfishness made her lift her head.

It was her first time being accepted into the family.

She had a desire to stay with them.

She wants to be painted in the family portraits as well.

Has she ever been so warm and received her unconditional affection

For the first time, she was part of this fence of a family just as Alyssa had long wished for.

‘Bad Alyssa…’

How can you be so selfish If you decide to leave, you should go; what are you hesitating about Things have changed.

Does that change her past Wouldn’t she be Avery’s bloodline Or is it that her heart falls for Sid so easily

Alyssa struggled with her guilt.

She made an appointment with Sid to meet in the garden tomorrow.

For the first time, she set a time and date to meet him.

That means that she and Sid’s relationship has taken a step forward.

So Alyssa was thinking about staying in this mansion as she builds her relationship with Sid.

She is such a contradictory and ugly human being.

Alyssa rolled her eyes and closed her eyes.

She tried to force herself to sleep so that she could forget her thoughts.

But, she knew.

Tonight she knows that she will never sleep.

She may have guessed this from the moment she saw the aunt in Cambridge, who passed by her with a nodded head when she saw Alyssa.

Alyssa let out a long breath.

* * *

Alyssa smoothed her hair.

Sasha looked uneasy about Alyssa going to the garden, but she didn’t stop Alyssa.

Because she still knew for Alyssa that the garden was her last bastion.

It was the garden that had kept her master so alive and helped her endure until this time.

She knew that no matter how difficult a problem Alyssa encountered, it would be unreasonable to cut her off from the garden right away.

‘I’ll clean it up.’

‘I would really forget.’

She may have already guessed that Alyssa’s words were promises to be scattered in vain.

It must have been the first time for Alyssa to be shaken so much by her feelings for a man.

Alyssa was more preoccupied with her feelings than she could have guessed herself.

Although there were no days as comfortable as these days, Alyssa looked uncomfortable.

It is probably because of the gardener named Sid.

Sasha swallowed a sigh and told Alyssa.

“I’ll take you there today.”


Alyssa shook her head.

“No, I can go alone.”

“I also want to visit the garden once.

I’ll just take you, and I’ll be back soon.”

It was a fact that both Alyssa and Sasha knew was just an excuse.

What she wants to see is none other than the Sid that Alyssa was so immersed in.

Alyssa opened her mouth, but she bit all the questions back.

It’s just too deceitful to say no.

But to take Sasha to the garden to show Sid…

‘Why not’

Things like that happen, too.

Sasha has always been on Alyssa’s side.

She was the one who would stand by Alyssa’s side even if Alyssa had committed a great crime.

So for Sasha… wouldn’t it be okay

Sasha waited patiently for Alyssa’s reply.

Of course, the gaze that insisted on an answer was clear.

It was rude for a maid to show her master that way, but Sasha deserved it.

No matter what kind of hardship Alyssa goes through in the future, Sasha is someone who will endure it with her.

Realizing that Alyssa was hesitating, Sasha pushed it.

“I won’t say anything.

It’s just that I’m nervous… I’ll just see who he is.


Sasha begged.

Finally, Alyssa nodded her head.

That gave Sasha some relief because it meant that the Sid character was a good person that Alyssa thought was good enough to show Sasha.

She gently stroked her chest.

Then she adjusted her own outfit after Alyssa finished dressing up.

She could never be underestimated, even for Alyssa’s sake.

Sasha had a lot of questions for him.

The most curious of all was whether he knew that Alyssa was Cambridge’s mistress.

The world was not as warm as her master thought.

The possibility that he knew Alyssa’s identity and approached her for money could not be ruled out.

Sasha also heard rumors that such things were happening.

These are the stories of a husband who is busy with outside work and a servant who seduces his wife, who is left behind to extort money and run away.

Sasha hardened her heart.

It was a heart that would collapse in an instant.


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