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Alyssa, who is now used to it, took out her hand towel and laid it on the ground.

Sitting carefully on top of it, Alyssa stared beyond the lake.

Alyssa, who was staring at the lake quietly, looked at Seidrick and spoke carefully.

“Thank you for yesterday.

I did it as you advised, and they really liked it.”

“Thats good.”

“So I prepared something, but I couldnt bring it because I was in a hurry.


Instead, why dont I listen to your concerns”

“You dont have to.”

Alyssa shook her head despite the gardeners firm refusal.

In fact, Alyssa has been on the brink since coming to Cambridge, hoping that someone will need her.

Someone not to forget Alyssa.

This was the reason why she became so stubborn even though she knew she shouldnt lean on this good person.


I might be of use, right”

“You wont understand my concerns.”

Seidrick said to cut her properly.

That said, Alyssa didnt back down.

“What is troubling you Huh I am a surprisingly broad person.

I can understand anything.”

In the end, Seidrick sighed.

“…Its hard because I dont have money.”

It was a fairly condensed word of the situation Seidrick was facing, but when he thought about it, it seemed to be a suitable subject for his concerns.

“Money… Ah.

Do you need money”

“I have something to buy for my family, but its too expensive.”

Although the word “for the family” may not be used well by a gardener, Alyssa did not have any doubts.

Her heart was filled with excitement because she was about to do something useful to listen to someones worries.

“What to buy… Then how about borrowing money”


It comes with a price.”

“Then… how about an investment Invest.”

Alyssa smiled brightly.

“Ill invest in you.

Buy what you were buying, and if you make a profit, you can share that profit with me, right”

Seidrick took a breath.


He has never heard of such a concept of investment.

However, Alyssa is right.

If he attracts investors like that, he can buy land and share the burden of investment money.

“…Because what I want to buy is not very valuable.”

When Alyssas words gave him great enlightenment, Seidrick answered back after gathering his astonished mind.

By taking advantage of the status of a gardener, not a duke now.

“Ah… is it not profitable”

“…I want to buy a chicken.”

He wondered if that was the most appropriate answer.

Its what a poor gardener would buy for his family.

Alyssa opened her lips blankly, then accepted.

“If I buy a chicken, how about giving the eggs”


Seidrick glanced at Alyssa.

It was a face with widespread willingness to help him buy chickens.

“…Lets do that.”

“Thank you!”

“I think its something I should be grateful for.”

Seidrick retorted as if he were dumbfounded.

She was going to solve his problems and buy him chicken.

Alyssa smiled vaguely.

Unable to understand its meaning, Seidrick turned away from Alyssa.

I dont want to get too involved.

“Then I will bring money to buy the chicken now.

Stay where you are.”

Alyssa sprang to her feet and started running to the mansion.

Because of Alyssa, who was in danger of falling any minute, Seidrick couldnt move on the spot as if it were really frozen.

As promised, Alyssa brought in enough money to buy chickens, and Seidrick brought five expensive native chickens to the quiet gardeners house.

Then the real gardener of the Cambridge family looked at his master in amazement.


“Its a gift.”


“Ill take the eggs from time to time.

Thats all I need.”

The gardener said, laughing awkwardly.

“…It looks like it wasnt just a gift.”

Seidrick smiled awkwardly too.

‘You have to give me eggs once a month, okay


In fact, its not a big deal.

She just invested a small amount of money in someone and decided to get the eggs back every month for that.

However, the little fact that there was someone in need of Alyssa and that helped him excite her.

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She never expected to wait this long to get an egg.

Besides, today was the day she decided to visit the cemetery with Ophelia and Juliana.

It should be a sad day, but she was happy to think that she was a little help to them.

Alyssa bit her lips.

“…Are you sad”

Sasha asked as she was getting her clothes done.


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