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Edmit answered Alyssa’s call right away.


As if he’s been waiting.

As if that couldn’t stop Alyssa, she looked at Edmit like that and finished the letter she was writing.

She wrote it with Dania’s help, but she doesn’t know if that’s enough.

Dania talked about a candid communication method, but Alyssa was not used to that.

Wouldn’t it be great if she wrote a letter like a novel

They exchanged letters several times, but she felt a bit shy and lacking today.

Alyssa sealed her envelope and set it neatly next to her.

“… you came early.”

“It’s the call I’ve been waiting for.”

“Sir Edmit, I think the Principality of Seraphina will send soldiers.

The knights who are officially registered with the royal family will not be able to do this, so they will send the soldiers of the nobles.”

Alyssa spoke calmly.

It was not difficult to understand the state of the country.

Although the Principality of Serafina was in a stable condition, it was all because the royal family had enough power and force.

Obviously, the balance will be disrupted as soon as the royal knights come to Avery.

So, it was obvious that the Principality of Seraphina would send the nobles’ soldiers and send them to Avery.

Moreover, since they are hiding their dark intentions, the royal family will not even give them the royal order.

In any case, they’d get out of the way when things go wrong.

The Principality of Seraphina was not as naive as the Queen thought.

And Alyssa was going to take advantage of that blind spot.

Since they are the soldiers of the Principality of Seraphina, Avery could use the following excuses even if they had a conflict with them.

‘Since the knights of the nobles crossed the border, Avery had no choice but to respond.

It wasn’t even the Royal Knights who had officially visited, so it wasn’t our fault.

Rather, the superiority of the nobles should be disposed of in the Principality of Serafina.”

With that said,

“We have to stop them.

It’s hard to get back the outside forces once they’ve flowed in.”

“Yes, Princess.”

“Sir Edmit, as a knight of the royal family, please punish them.

Keep their feet on the border.

The prison beneath the Margrave’s castle is empty, so you should use it.”

“I will obey your orders.”

“I’ll send a telegram to the Margrave.

If he doesn’t cooperate…”

“It can’t be, Princess.”

Edmit immediately denied Alyssa’s words.

She was skeptical of her own position, but no one in the country would deny Alyssa with their sane mind.

This is especially true for those who protect borders.

This is because they are the ones who have to take the lead at the most forefront when the country is in a dangerous situation.

Those who guarded the borders were ready to do whatever it took to keep and defend the country.

No one will be more loyal to Alyssa than they are.

“I don’t know how you are so sure.”

Alyssa laughed.

It’s funny to see the people who despise her existence the most have changed her attitude.

Now they know more about her… She hasn’t changed.

Why now It’s too late.

Edmit’s expression darkened as if he had noticed Alyssa’s thoughts, but he soon made up his expression.

It was because she did not have time to reflect on the past.

He’ll indeed have to ask Alyssa for an apology over and over again.

Alyssa let out a sigh.

Because she knew what she said would not be heard by them any longer.

“Go, Sir Edmit.”

“Yes, Princess.”

Edmit gave the knightly greeting to the monarch and left the office.



“I’m going to send a telegram to the Margrave… will he listen to me This is really….”

Alyssa touched her forehead.

She realized more now than she had previously said that she would become the king.

It is to give orders in the position of truly governing the country.

Alyssa’s gaze at the blank white paper was silent.


Dania called Alyssa.

“We have only you.

That’s true.

The Margrave Even Grandfather Margrave will listen to the four of you.

Now the queen is trying to bring in an outside force and the king is crazy.

No one is taking care of Avery, and if this continues, Avery would have been torn apart.”


“So he has no alternative.

He has no choice but to obey your orders.

We will formally take the steps soon…”

Dania’s eyes darkened.

Alyssa lost her words at the same time.

The queen will assassinate the king.

And the helpless king will be sacrificed to death.

In fact, the king did not even know how to hold a sword.

But since there are no troops to protect him, the queen will easily kill the king and take over the palace.

And intoxicated with a sense of triumph, she waits for the troops to come from Seraphina.


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