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Kira who was sleeping peacefully until her phone starts to ring which disturbed her sleep she saw a text from her dad telling her to come immediately she checked the time which was around twelve a.m.

"He has called me since nine which excuse will I give him". she went to the bathroom to change her clothes, she checked the weather condition and saw that it was okay so she wore a black trouser and peach top. She went outside and ordered a cab to her fathers house.

When she got there she remembered her mom and the peaceful life they lived together, she went straight to the gate but was stopped by the gatekeeper "Young girl who are you loking for?" the man looked at her weirdly and gave her a hard stare."If you

e like all those people that walk up and down like jobless people looking for a rich home to secretly enter its not possible here. You better scram!".

Kira was shocked she has not spoken anything and suddenly the man is already judging her badly, before she could explain herself the man interrupted her.

"Didn I told you to scram why are all you youth this shameless, if you

e even this thick-skinned and not ashemed at least be ashamed for your mom for raising a girl like you".

Kira who wanted to explain herself got offended."Why do you have to put my moms name there, like as an old man aren you ashamed to be judging people anyhow you like because they don wear designers, don have cars And stuffs. for instance now you

e married and you have children imagine if they were in my shoe and someone insult their mom and point of correction Im not someone who is finding a way to enter this damn family , I already regretted entering it. Incase you don know Im the first daughter of this damn family And the stupid how you are guiding more than your family or at if its your life is my Mom And thats man sweat!".

There was silent the gatekeeper was starring at Kira not knowing what to say then a loud voice disturbed the silent "Whats going on there!". The gatekeeper startled "its one young girl claiming to be oldest miss of master".

When the head of the gatekeeper heard this he was shocked "D...Do...Do you mean miss... miss Kira." When he got to the gate he was happy and also sad to see Kira, he was happy because she was already a big girl and was sad after imaging what she faced.

"Miss Kira come in". Kira greeted the head of the gatekeeper and went straight to the entrance of the house.The other gate keeper was shocked and embarrassed when he remembered the word he said to his young mistress.

When she got to the entrance of the house she pressed the doorbell waiting for someone to open the door the door was opened by the house keeper who ignored her greeting and directed her inside. Kira was not surprised by his attitude because she knew that he and that woman called her step mun are in associate cause they came today at the same time.The same month she had a step mum was the same month he was hired.

When Kira got inside. Her arrival was announced by the housekeeper before he lelft, she saw Katie her step sis and Nate together as Katie was sitting on Nate lap trying to annoy her.

"Sister you

e back".Katie said with her annoying fake voice. "Weve been waiting for you for a very long time, why do you keep us. waiting are we not that important in your face" Katie said arrogantly.

Kira who was annoyed by Katie fake voice was cursing her In her mind until her thought was interrupted by her dads voice.

"Sit down Kira lets talk about what we called you for". Romeo said walking downstairs with Helena, her step mum walking next with him majestically.

"Kira we all know whats going on between Nate and you but you can blame us that he wants Katie and not you and Im very sire youve seen the news about their engagement online we could have invited you but we forgot, but don worry they will do their engagement soon and well invite you Nate was the one who said we should invite you here today because hes feeling guilty if when I don know why hes feeling guilty and also to bless their marriage as Katie elder sister".

Kira was shocked by her father long speech as she wondered if she was his biological child or not as he was ignoring the fact that they dated behinde her back.

"But dad you didn even scold them or anything if he likes my sister then he should dated her before coming to me does he think I have time to waste or invest in rubbish and why do they do it at my back for so long do I look like a plaything to him?".

"Kira you have to calm down I don think what we did was a bad thing and have to apologize for loving each other, there is a freedom to date who you like and to be sincere Nate and I were going to inform you about our relationship but you found out too early and isn my fault that he loves me and not you okay."Kate said hostility.

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