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MMORPG Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master Chapter 1 - Rebirth

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Chapter 1 - Rebirth

3....2.....1..... "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!"

It was the turn of the century the year 2100, and the atmosphere was joyous in the Rajput household, The family of four were enjoying an extravagant feast at this monumental occasion .

His mother lovingly smiled at him , seeing his mother for the first time in 10 years Rudra cried like a baby,

He hugged his mother tight and just sobbed , he just held her and cried for 5 minutes straight before reorganizing his memory.

He had somehow miraculously been reincarnated into his 21 year old self, after being pushed down the stairs by the person he then considered his

'best friend'. That guy .... he was nothing more than a backstabbing bastard who pushed him down a flight of stairs for one epic item that his guild had earned and refused to sell.

His mother had died of an illness when he was 31.... ten years from now , and it was not a fatal disease but to cure it one needed 20 million dollars. Even if his entire family sold themselves they could not make that amount.

In his mothers embrace he resolved to save her this time. He then looked at the man who was his father, Who was giving him dirty looks for crying in his mom's lap.... who despite being soo cold to him now, deepdown treated him as his 'pride' . The person he dissapointed time and time again,Who carried the burdens of the household alone ..... never letting them realize that the now peacefull Rajput Household was actually under 300 thousand dollar debt.

He finally looked at his little brother , the angel of his life , Mahendra Rajput , a name that ..... his little brother found extremely annoying hence decided to call himself Max . Max was a prodigy a genius who could have gone to harvard if his family had enough money for his tuition, was looking at his big brother cry sheepishly .

Rudra resolved to change his family's situation this time , because all in all family is the only people who have your backs through ' thick and thin ' . He would make money , money enough to never face those circumstances again.

He did not have enough to invest in stocks , even if he did he did not believe enough to stay in the volatile market for long. The only thing he could trust was his own skills in the world changing new game ' Omega ' which would be released 4 days from now on the 5th of Jan 2100 .

'Omega' would change the world with its breathtakingly realistic graphics and Extremely Intellingent NPC's who could outsmart the players

It was a world of its own and within 3 years 95% of Earth's population would join the game . Well after the Auction house opens , the in game currency would be linked to the real world currency with an exchange rate of 1 gold = 25 dollars . Many multibillion dollar companies would join the game to get a piece of this big pie called 'Omega'.

The strong guilds controlling vast territories would earn enormous sums of money and gain investment from big corporations. Last time he was just a pawn a slave mistreated in the 'White Light' guild where each and every of his hard earned contributions were snatched away by his superiors leaving him scraps.

Even when he left the guild and started his own , his guild members were bullied and forced to quit and start a new account in the game. All his effort to earn a single epic item in the game resulted in him being bullied in the game , and even in real life ... Pressured to sell the item at subpar price .He refused them all

Drinking with his then 'best friend ' and 'White Light' guildmate Derek , he had a small fight over refusing to sell the epic item to 'White Light' , He leaned on his friend on the staircase on his way back but the bastard pushed him down

He hit his head hard and got a concussion , he bled the way out to the hospital . Rudra died at age 36

Reincarnating to 1st Jan 2100..... Now 21 ....Fate gave him a chance to change his destiny .

This time he would be a strong guildmaster , this time he would pay kindness tenfold and revenge a thousandfold ,

The guildmaster who abused him

The girlfriend who dumped him

The bestfriend who killed him

The peers who mocked him


Equipped with the knowledge of future he was confident in his abilities as a gamer to make the difference to put him at the top of the pyramid where he would farm money.


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