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MMORPG Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master Chapter 10 - Sending A Cheque Home

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Chapter 10 - Sending A Cheque Home

Rudra spent the rest of the day visiting various NPC shops to familiarise the market right now..... familiarizing himself with the prices before the mass of demand called players would enter the market and inflate the prices.

The pirces of herbs and items were not fixed in 'Omega' and followed the real world system of demand and supply .... Prices went up and down according to the market.

Rudra knew that once the masses entered the capital city the price of these common herbs will increase thrice as much as now hence he invested about 10 gold into two common herbs required for brewing beginner healing potion and stocked up on it.

He needed it for his Emmisary of Church quest

He spent the rest 5 gold buying common grade weapons and armours from blacksmith s shop which costed about 5 coppers a piece

The reason for this is in the capital currently such common weapons were being sold extremely cheap.He remembered paying about 30 coppers for a piece of armour in his past life.

Thats about 600% profit margin

He wanted to feel happy after investing money for his buisness but

Looking at the 4 copper wealth that he currently possesed he felt dejected

He intentionally had to keep 4 coppers as a night at the inn costed one 2 coppers a day.

Im Broke! he sighed

It will atleast take him two days to earn the money back as it would be then that majority players will enter the capital.

Most players did not know this but if you sleep at an inn or a permanent residence in the capital

When you logout your character will gain EXP steadily based on where you were sleeping

The inn where Rudra logged out gave one a 10 EXP/ hour boost on logging out.

So technically you could just not login for your day and your character would have levelled up !

Insane right yes thats why it got patched at the first update one month from game launch.

But not yet!

As Rudra logged out he went on with his daily needs and took a bath and ate some food

As he was fiddling his phone scrolling through the forums he suddenly stopped eating

His eyes soo wide from shock

He could simply not beleive what he saw

He pinched himself hard


Oww ,it hurts soo this is not a dream

His post where he was selling information had

27 Million views and 5 million people pinned it

20 Million people downloaded the free information pack

3 Million people downloaded the Solo adventurer pack (5*3= 15 million dollars)

100 thousand people bought the Basic Guild pack

(0.1×100= 10 million dollars)


20 thousand people bought the Elite Guild pack

(0.02 × 2000 = 40 million dollars)

The total earnings from this post totalled


He felt like his heart would beat out of his chest


When was it soo easy to earn money

He thought he would need atleast 2 years to earn about 50 Mil but this....

He sat up from his chair

then sat down on the ground

Then madly rolled over






He was laughing and crying at the same time

emotions taking a hold of him

He quickly opened his bank account to look at the overall balance

65 million 300 dollars

He locked his phone and just laid there on the floor

Breathing heavily

It took him 10 minutes to return his heart rate to normal

Then he did what needed to be done

He wired 25 million dollars to his dads account and

25 Million dollars to his Moms.

Locked his rented apartment

Took his bicycle and started madly peddling towards home.


At the Rajput Household

" I wonder how Rudra is doing, i really miss him you know " said his mom

" That kid is probably just lazing around, he would be back home within two months " his father said

" Have more faith in your son , he went out to try something on his own... we need to believe in him "

" Oh i will believe in him, the day he sends money home i will" His father said nonchalantly

Although he appeared cold right now and treated Rudra like he was hopeless, he was the one having sleepless nights for the past week since his boy had moved out.

A doorbell interrupted their conversation

" Rudra exclaimed her mother in suprise "

she smiled as she hugged him

Little Max was probably still in school soo he did not see him here

" Why are you here boy, back home soo soon or here for more money" Said his father coldly

Rudra just smiled and walked into the living room

He said " Mom , dad thankyou for always believing in me and supporting me , especially you dad I know you havent told mom but I know we have a 300K debt on our house ".

His father's eyes widened in shock

Her mother looked at her father dumbfounded


" Thankyou for always shielding our family like nothing ever bothered you but i know how hard you work to keep ends met ".

" I have never been a filial son and have been a wastrel all my life for which im deeply sorry dad."

" And mom , i know your cold is not just a cold and a disease that needs to be treated but you have not told anyone because it needs a lot of money and you did not want to put burden on the family"

"You are ill" His father questioned his mother

who lowered her eyes in guilt

Why did noone know about each others secrets

but the boy did

"Im sorry for not being a good enough son mother to take care of you even though you are ill"

" But i have changed father , mother from today onwards I will shoulder the Rajput house"..

He smiled

Dad, Mom please open your bank account balance

They both had a million questions and both wanted to talk to each other as well as their son who kept dropping bombs after bombs but they were forced to first open their bank accounts

When they saw the total balance

Their eyes widened in shock

1...2.....3...4.....5...6.. zeroes

This is millions in money

25 Million dollars


" Is... is this..th...the... money....you....earned"

His fathers voice started to break speaking

He just nodded and hugged his father hard

soon he felt his shoulders getting wet

wet from the tears of his father

A heavy burden was lifted off his chest

His son who everyone called useless

His son who was always lazy and unmotivated

His son who would always be mocked by people and compared to their sons who sent home a few hundred dollars every month

That same son just sent a cheque home from his first earnings

and that cheque was for 25 million dollars

Just wait till i tell every single person who told him that his son was a looser in life

Even his mom recovered from the shock and embraced the two hugging

It was an amazing family moment where all past grievences and problems were slowly being dissolved away

The family spent quality time that day with Rudra discussing how he sold information in the game and made soo much money and how he still had more for when little Max went to college

Dinner that day was a huge feast

As the family bonded and disclosed all the secrets and burdens they had been carrying around , they felt soo light after confessing

Money was an issue for such a middle class family who worked hard for a acceptable lifestyle

With all debts paid and enough money for Moms surgery

Rudra felt complete

The smiles on the faces of his mom dad and little brother that day made his heart bounce in joy

This moment this family

I vow to never loose it again!


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