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MMORPG Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master Chapter 13 - Emmisary Of Church(2)

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Chapter 13 - Emmisary Of Church(2)

The third part of the quest was a bit tricky .The hideout of the culprit was not specified by the solver of the previous quest.

The only thing Rudra knew for sure was that it was somewhere between Thol and the capital city in the open woods and that the clue to the quest location was given by an old witchcraft practicioner in the village.

Rudra had to do this quest the proper way as having incomplete knowledge was more dangerous than not having knowledge at all .

If he wanted to do it he needed to do it right. Hence he went to the old witch's hut in the village outskirts to talk to her about the quest.

As he knocked on the door , the door opened like a horror house in modern times

Creaking and with a witch like laugh



I definitely did not sighn up for this

Actually Rudra was scared of haunted houses, when he was little he went to one with his father and ended up peeing his pants , it was embarrassing. Hence he had some psychological trauma entering the place

With quaky steps he entered in ...

" Hello anybody home....." he said with an extremely shaky voice

He walked slowly observing every inch of the house ..... Praying just purely praying ' please god please dont let some creepy thing pop out of nowhere ' PLEASE

The situation did not call for it however he started chanting all mantras he knew to pray to the gods as he walked along

" Jai hanuman gyan gunsagar...

" Om namah Shivaay...

" Allah hu Akbar...

" In the name of the father the son .....

I dont really know if Buddha works against witches

he is such a cuddly fellow.

Then suddenly his leg quashed something quishy

as he lifted his leg slowly he saw that he accidentally stepped on a ... eye.

Aggghhhhh..... Grossss...screw the quest m out... He ran towards the exit.

But before he did he was stopped by a old hag at the door. '' Welcome to my humble abode adventurer Ahehehehehehehehhehe" . The witch had appeared

Yep the old hag was everything you think when you think evil witch .....

A tall pointy hat ( check)

Old wrinkly face ( check)

Baggy black robes ( check)

Very creepy house ( check)

Extremely evil laughter ( check)

Conclusion : 100% Authentic ... Grade A certified practitioner of dark arts ... A witch!

" Please mrs.witch i am only here to ask for help in a task i recieved from your village chief , please dont cut off my eyes to make soup for dinner".

" Im a witch not a cannibal :| son , sit lets talk "

Rudra sighed the witch seemed normal

" Hehehehahahahaha"

Almost normal .... well as normal as you can be after being a witch .

Rudra then explained her about the recent occurings in the village and asked her how to trace the merchant who sold the infectious mushrooms.He proceded with providing her with a sample of the mushroom.

The witch took the mushroom and started doing some weird incantations ..... The mana intensity in the room increased by a drastic amount , and even a knight like Rudra could feel its presence.

The witches eyes rolled back into her head.

UNDERTAKER MOVES! thought Rudra as he waited patiently for her to do her stuff..... apparently she was using her skills to do some kind of relevation magic

About 2 mins later her eyes popped back and she looked at Rudra ..... " 30 mins out from Thol village towards the Capital there will be a white oak tree leave the road there and proceed for 10 minutes till you see a cave ... The perpetrator is somehow related to that place.

Rudra bowed and thanked her for her help... if not for being soo weird she was a very usefull ally to have. Anyhow he had respect for her skills.

Well now i know the location ... i know what i need to face once m there.... Lets buy darkness dispel one time use spell papers in advance .... and also buy as many silver weapons as possible .

What lied in the cave was part of the Main Quest storyline of the game ..... A organization lurking in the darkness ..... one of their factions the dark warewolves .

Can only be hurt by light spells and silver weapons, ordinary weapons can not even scratch them .... this was why the one in his ' Past life' could not complete this part of the quest . The difficulty was out of this world .... you basically had to be incredibly lucky and posses light based attacks and silver weapons to clear the quest .... and as you only had one try the difficulty was SSS rated ... meaning next to impossible

Rudra with his reincarnation knowledge was also only about 80% confident .... He would prepare for all possible contigencies and only challenge it carefully.

There was no second chance , hence he would pour his hard earned gold to buy as many light spell mass destruction spell paper's as possible ..... even the most basic ones costed about 10 gold each .... hence he could only buy 2-3 at his current wealth.

If he returned to the capital and sold his stock of weapons he could purchase 5 more , although it will take longer for him to complete the quest , he wanted to do all possible preparations as possible before attempting the quest.

Well not that there was a timelimit specified , taking longer might deduct the final performance rating but who cares ..... even a D is gold compared to F.

His future plans would all depend on wether or not he could crack this quest, cause if he fails the upset would set him back about 20 to 30 days in his plan for setting up a guild and then those after that.

It was far too early for him to suffer setbacks, there was no point in making a guild for elites if all the elites he wanted aldready joined big guilds first.

He needed an item from the Church's Warehouse that can only be obtained by clearing the quest....

The quest rewards are too important for failure to be an option.


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