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MMORPG Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master Chapter 19 - Rewards

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Chapter 19 - Rewards


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( Pov change : People talking on the forums)

" TF , Isnt he the same guy who cleared the hidden dungeon"

"God, @shakuni , The guy is a legend "

"Hacker, I swear @Shakuni is a hacker "

" I heard @Shakuni is from a hidden martial arts family, he spent his childhood honing his sword skills"

" The one who likes @Shakuni is a bastard ".

" Please marry me @Shakuni, I am 5'10 and have nice legs ;) "

"How do you even know he is a guy "

A total of 170K people tagged @Shakuni in less than an hour on the Forum's

Then came a intresting post shared by a lot of people

" I think shakuni is a beta tester , thats the only way any of this will make sense, i mean he released an information pack and is always a step ahead of everyone else , but i thought 'Omega' did not allow beta testers to continue playing the game ..... In conclusion BAN SHAKUNI "

The post Ban Shakuni had a lot of supporters it took about 50K reposts before Omega officials released a statement

Player @Shakuni , has not participated in the Beta or exploiting a hack he is playing under the supervision of the Artificial Intelligence Gaia following all relevant regulations , Such groundless Slandering will lead to your account being banned in 'Omega' .... There are no bugs in the Artificial Intelligence Gaia .

Silence Reigned over the Forums after that , the haters suddenly went quiet as a lot of accounts were indeed suspended .

Its just that with majority player base not even at level 12 Him and him alone shocking the world again and again, Noone wanted to admit being inferior to him but the achievement's spoke for themselves .

The haters were just pure Jealous!


(Pov : Bigshots , Big Guilds and Hidden Powers)

"Hmmm , who is this guy I havent heard of a Shakuni in the gaming scene ..... I want his baground ... And i want it yesterday , Got it " (Bigshot Buisnessman)

" The guy is an interesting , Try and reach out , offer him a contract he cant refuse " (First Rate Guild Leader)

( Total of 200 midscale guilds and 20 first rate guilds even a super guild all were intrested in recruiting Rudra)

"I want him " ( A hidden power)

"Keep an eye on him , he is an unknown variable" (A hidden power )

" This guy's rise is too meteoric to be concluded as skill, there is something more to his story .... Find it!" ( Mr Advani)


( Pov : Rudra )






Rudra was on the verge of tears , it had been an extremely straining fight and he was exhausted mentally , The joy of the AMAZING rewards were really short lived when compared to the problem at hand!

Rudra was not an idiot , he knew that the first time his name was announced ... not many people would bother but this time it was different . He needed to secure himself and his family in the real world As soon as possible!

Plans needed to be made , there was absolutely no time to rest!

Sigh , the higher Rudra climbed the harder he needed to work! ..... Well lets atleast see what we got here

[Title] [Emmisary Of The Church] : Gives you a position equal to Bishop In the Church of Light .... The Holy Guards will come to your aid if called upon , Complete Diplomatic Immunity in all Human and Elf countries

BOOYAH! this reward was sweet....

50 Platinum coins ... 50 FREAKIN coins ...

it meant 50,000 gold coins , Rich , he was Rich again!

at the exhange rate of 5000 dollars per gold in his past life, he currently had


He needed half of that to run his guild but the other half would be used for much much needed secutity he needed in real life . The thing is .... Auction house hadnt opened yet , the conversion of money was unavailable ! It would open 4 days later soo it was only a matter of time.

(Skill) (Berserk) : 200% attack power for 3 minutes. Removes all Fatigue and stamina remains at full for duration of 3 minutes . Heavy debuff on stamina and attack power after 3 minutes .

It was a double edged sword but Rudra knew its value , hence he still chose to learn it .

[Slaughterer] (Two handed sword) (Epic) : Intricately carved , it is a weapon for the mighty

50% damage to all attacks

50% chance of breaking armour

critical hit deals double damage

skill Mountain Crash upon equipping.


It was a great sword ..... Just not for Rudra... Rudra was more of the agility type than the power one. Well he would not sell it, if he could get that player in his guild this sword would be perfect for him! Else he would use this as a trade item between powerfull guilds.

An Epic item was just that rare. Its value was immense.

[Demon's Diary ] ( Page 3/7) :

No information whatsoever , even in his previous life he never heard of a Demon's Diary . He would find out more about it later

(Memoir Of The Blood Merchant) ( Quest Item) : Give it to the Church Of Light to know more

And lastly

[Title] [World Renowned] : All Kingdoms of all races would be friendly and respectful of you

Not bad! Not bad at all ... All in all today was a windfall !

Rudra was soo engrossed in his Rewards that only when he heard a muffle did he realize there were still 5 girls bound to a pole.

/// AUTHORS THOUGHTS : guys the value of money is different 100 years from now than what it is today , just like in 1970 200 dollars could buy you mansions in the year 2100 250 million just does not have the same economic power it holds today ////

/// Also i have been offered a contract by AllNovelFull , soo this novel may go premium soon , Thankyou everyone for your support , it is the only reason why this had been made possible///

/// Expect me to work twice as hard now to not dissapoint you guys who would unlock my chapters...many many great stuff ahead ///


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