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MMORPG Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master Chapter 9 - Capital City

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Chapter 9 - Capital City

The capital city of Hazelgroove kingdom was

'Purple Haze ' city ..... The city was named after the purple fog visible throughout the city once every four years during a special lunar alignment .

It was a massive city encompassing about 25 million inhabitants at all times with a capacity for 7 million more .

The city had everything you would expect from a urban fantasy city... A royal palace .... Mage towers.... Auction houses ..... Blacksmithing and Craftsmanship halls... Alchemy and potionology halls... Gambling dens ... Restaurants and even slums.

As Rudra and Neatwit reached the capital city gates he could not help but feel nostalgic.

' Im back' he thought

As they tried to walk through the gates the guard posted asked for their adventurer id

Rudra had one however Neatwit did not .... he was baffled at the thought of having to travel back to his spawn village to issue one first

Luckily he was with Rudra

He switched his title from well known knight to Viscount of Hazelgroove kingdom

"He s with me " Rudra said

The gatesman suddenly became extremely polite

" Oh soo he is lord viscounts companion.... my apologies for stopping you, please enjoy your stay in the kingdom."

Neatwit looked at Rudra with admiration , even gate guards talked with him respectfully

" Thankyou , please let me add you as a friend i will pay you back for this favour someday".

" Sure, add me " Rudra said

With them both adding each other as friends they decided to part ways to explore the capital.

Now was the time for Rudra to execute his main plan in the capital city

Rudra intended to make PurpleHaze city as his headquarters in the future .... For this he had 3 missions set in his mind that he would work on whislt in the city

The first mission he decided was to sell information for money..... Provide a detailed layout of the city and its important locations as well as some general quests to large guilds in exchange for money

It will take 2 days for the majority of guilds players to reach the capital city and 2 more for exploring

Rudra 's information pack will save them 2 days worth of time hence will give the guilds who purchased it a massive advantage in establishing themselves in the capital before others could.

For this to successfully reap as many benefits as it could he would make four information packs

Free pack: As a charity to all players , but secretly to build credibility and desire over more important information

Solo pack: For solo players and adventurers, it will contain a city map with important locations as well as some common quest information

Cost : 5 dollars

Guild pack ( normal) : it will contain workings of the city .... how the auction house works as well as intormation on some secret shops selling special items

Cost : 100 dollars

Guild pack ( Elite) : It will contain detailed working of the entire capital city ..... with information on all important quests as well as secret shops and also a detailed back profile of every prominent NPC in the capital , it will also provide basic guidance on how to start a guild and expand it.

cost : 2000 dollars

He posted this on this on the forum with attatchments that needed to pay to unlock

except for the free part .

The second mission was to secure the emmisary of Church of Light quest

It was a quest that would greatly help him increase his intimacy with the church with the quest rewarding him to access the church's treasure hall to exchange for one treasure . As well as having one request from church of light.

The third and a longtime mission was

The starting of his own Guild and becoming a guildmaster

He wanted to form an elite Guild with only quality players ....

And slowly start his revenge against the guild of his previous life.

While a guild for elites only sounded good in theory in actuality it was very difficult to balance.... as every member would have a certain pride being well above the masses , they would not follow someone else easily

The cohesiveness of such a unit was always an issue

The problem of lack of evident manpower would show while trying for guild expansion as menial tasks would be extremely difficult for a guild to do without lower rung of players

Even in guild wars such a guild would easily be suppressed by larger guilds using sheer masses of their massive guilds to crush them

However with all its drawbacks Rudra would still pick it up because he had ways to counter its shortcomings

When the In game currency would link with the real world currency everyone will backstab every other person for benefits

The larger guilds will be filled with corruption, with the upper members gaining and gaining while the lower members would beg for scraps.... having gone through that once he would never try put someone through it again

He would make a house of elites where each player would have the strength of a 100 and a strong pride that came with being an elite

That pride would detter them to use underhanded tactics and achieve the betterment of the organisation

He would make a guild with a heart where every member would grow alongside the guild leaving noone behind.

It was a crazy dream but he was resolved to make it happen.

These three mission's were the current goals to achieve in the capital city

Starting a Guild needed one to have 100 gold

and one guild token to open

Rudra needed 85 more to open one as his status as a viscount did not need a guild token .

What many people did not know was that there could only be 100 guilds within the capital , no more guild orders would be issued after that

The only way to get one after that was to annihilate one of the 100 in a official guild war and take over their position

This made the prices of guilds a commodity

if a leader chose to vacate his guilds spot the token would always go for sky high prices.

Well being a viscount eased things up by quite a lot. In his previous life the first player to reach the status of a viscount took 3 years to achieve this feat and his guild received extraordinary benefits due to his position.


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