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Chapter 1236: About Elder Miss of the Chu Family 3

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Her clothes were messy, and her face was abnormally red, but despite all of these, she was trying her best to fight against the after-effects of the drugs.

Princess Virtue took hold of her hands tightly.

That was the only thing she could do.

A maid served her cold tea, trying to make Chu Xiwen feel better.

Her eyes were already blurred so she could not see Gu Chaoyan clearly.

Gu Chaoyan frowned, feeling very sorry for her.

She took out her silver needles and performed acupuncture on her.


Honored Princess Jing was so cruel.

She could not just drop it when she wanted something.

She must have made up her mind to reach the goal, so she put a lot of drugs in the tea.

It was such a harmful thing for a person.

Whether or not Xiwen could hold onto her sanity this way, she would still be physically harmed by the drug.

Honored Princess Jing wanted to force the Chu Family to take the Crown Princes side, but why must she do this to a young girl.

Gu Chaoyan frowned furiously.

She was so angry at Honored Princess Jing and the Gu Family.

She had an idea-

She was going to make them pay! She was going to make them understand what consequences they were going to face!

Gu Chaoyan was so concentrated on the acupuncture that she was sweating.

One hour later, she put away her silver needles and sighed.

“She is fine now.”

Inside the room, everyone let out a sigh of relief.

The Elder Miss of the Chu Family looked to be in such a terrible condition, and no one was feeling assured.

Chu Xiwen was sweating as well.

She had been holding onto the misery for too long.

She was still in a mess although she was brought back to normal now.

She looked very tired.

Feeling better, she turned to Gu Chaoyan and relaxed.

After a long while, Chu Xiwen finally became a bit sober.

When she was fully awake, she looked at Chaoyan.

“Thank you, Chaoyan, and Princess Virtue!”

After expressing her gratitude, Chu Xiwen looked furious as she was lying there.

She was indeed furious.

She had been aware that the Gu Family and Honored Princess Jing were up to no good, and that they were planning something together, but what she had not expected was that right in the court, in broad daylight, she was confronted with such a horrible thing and that Honored Princess Jing would be so shameless as to conduct something so horrible to the daughter of an important minister of the court.

She knew about a lot of tricks in the court, but how could an Honored Princess, who was in charge of the back court, do something like this!

Chu Xiwen kept shaking her head.

She found it totally hopeless.

Seeing Chu Xiwens expression, Gu Chaoyan took hold of her hands and said with a small voice, “Xiwen, just have some rest and dont think about too many things.

We will talk when you wake up.

Also, Prime Minister Chu has his own arrangements as well, so dont be too anxious and worried.”

Chu Xiwen nodded and felt so grateful.

If not for Chaoyans men, she would have fallen into the trap, so she felt extremely scared right now.

Chu Xiwen closed her eyes exhaustedly.

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps came from outside Biquan Palace.

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