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Chapter 1238: Summoning 1

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The King was looking for her everywhere because he needed her medical skills.

The imperial doctors in the court were skilled, but not as capable as she was.

She detoxified the King before, and he lived on her drugs.

That was why she was never threatened in the capital – the King was more or less guarding her.

The imperial doctors failed to study the pills she produced, nor were they able to make better ones.

So the King needed her.

Otherwise, Gu Ruxue and Mrs.

Gu would be cruel enough to cause her a lot of trouble in the capital, her father Gu Zhenkang hated her too.

Thanks to her medical skills, she was under protection.

Gu Chaoyan was actually glad to check up on the King, who trusted her medical skills.

It was a good deal that she could live a peaceful life with her knowledge of medicine.


Gu Chaoyan smiled briefly.

She and Sword One, when walking out of Biquan Palace, even took a roundabout route before heading towards the back garden, where the banquet was originally held.

If she started from there, she would run into the Kings men easily.

Although the metal humans had been dealt with, it was still chaotic in the court.

Everyone was in a mess and no one was handling the situation.

As Gu Chaoyan walked along the way, she could still see some maids and servants who ran about anxiously.

The further she walked into the back garden, the more family members of the officers she could see.

They were still panicking.

Gu Chaoyan could not help but shake her head.

Outside the court, it seemed that no one was able to get closer to this place, but as a matter of fact, the court had been eroded from inside.

Maybe it started to happen after the Queen passed away, or maybe even earlier.

The King drove away Prime Minister Chu, who he did not trust or want to use.

Zhou Huailing was not in the court, and Honored Princess Jing was in the middle of making arrangements, but Honored Princess Jing was incapable of arranging everything well.

Gu Chaoyan looked about and felt emotional.

The servants at Qianqing Palace found her, and let out a sigh of relief.

“Elder Miss, please, the King needs you at Qianqing Palace, please come with me.”

Gu Chaoyan looked at this familiar face, nodded and followed him.

The servant was so anxious that he walked faster than normal.

Gu Chaoyan followed him calmly and would like to take a look at what Qianqing Palace looked like now.

The moment she walked into Qianqing Palace, she saw Gu Ruxue.

She walked past her as she headed straight into Qianqing Palace.

Gu Ruxue stopped her.

“Gu Chaoyan, what are you doing here This is Qianqing Palace! Are you too timid to stay outside”


“Someone, come and drive her out.

She is not supposed to be here! She is Lord Huais wife and yet she is now wandering about at Qianqing Palace!”

Gu Chaoyan threw a very calm look at Gu Ruxue.

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