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Chapter 1239: Summoning 2

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She was not in a hurry to do anything.

It seemed that the King not only summoned her for a medical checkup, but also summoned Gu Ruxue, who was supposed to be the Phoenix Girl.

Such a big accident happened in the court, it was very normal for the King to want to see the Phoenix Girl to calm himself down.

Gu Ruxue had no idea why she was summoned here, so she snapped at her.

Gu Chaoyan was not in a hurry, but waited for the King to speak to her.

Gu Chaoyan had noticed previously in the wing-palace that the King was very afraid of being killed.

She was summoned to check him up because he needed her desperately.


Therefore… he was not going to allow Gu Ruxue to drive her away.

The King did not like her, but could not do anything about her.

So he was making Gu Ruxue give her a hard time first, but Gu Chaoyan wasnt afraid of any of these.

She seemed quite calm.

“You are not going away, right” Gu Ruxue was very annoyed by Gu Chaoyans calmness.

She never managed to do anything on this day – she lost Chu Xiwen, and had to face Gu Chaoyan, this bitch when she heard that she was summoned by the King.

“Someone, Gu Chaoyan has invaded Qianqing Palace for some ill purpose.

Beat her fifty times, and drag her out!”

She was not afraid, was she How could she stand here staring at her She was going to make her see what she could do!

Gu Chaoyan was still not moved.

She was not in a hurry to do anything.

The imperial army had just surrounded her, when De Fu hurried here.

“Crown Prince Consort, please, dont play with Elder Miss Gu.

She is here to check up on the King, what if she leaves out of fright What should the King do” He even smiled afterwards.

De Fu was helping Gu Ruxue out of embarrassment.

According to the King, this cruel thing was just a play

The King really preferred Zhou Huailing and his wife.

Gu Chaoyan had no words to counter.

She threw a calm look at DeFu.

De Fu gestured to both of them.

“Crown Prince Consort, Elder Miss Gu, please go in.”

Gu Chaoyan nodded slightly and followed him in.

She did not look at Gu Ruxue, who was furious.

There was nothing she could do while she was at Qianqing Palace.

When both of them walked in, the King was still lying in bed.

He was guarded by the imperial army, but being in the center of the accident, he was somehow wounded.

He was wearing a very terrible look on his face.

The medicine the imperial doctors offered him not only tasted bad, but worked horribly.

The medical cream was even worse.

That was why he summoned Gu Chaoyan and hoped that she could check him out for the previous wounds.

However, she ran into the Crown Prince Consort outside the palace.

The King was very disappointed by the Crown Prince Consort.

The Crown Prince Consort was the Pheonix Girl, but she was even more stupid than Gu Chaoyan.

He had expected that the Crown Prince Consort would torment Gu Chaoyan a little, but she could not even come up with any better way to torment her than giving an order to hit her fifty times.

That was not at all realistic.

It was not at all realistic! She was at Qianqing Palace, so if he approved of that, the Crown Prince Consort would create a reputation of being ruthless.

Also, she would not possibly get the approval of hitting others fifty times.

She could slap others in the face to vent her anger, but if she did not have the excuse of punishing someone, she needed to take it slow…

The King sighed.

He was very disappointed by the Crown Prince Consort, who was the Phoenix Girl.

“Crown Prince Consort…” the King said.

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