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 On the way to his small courtyard, Zhang Fangyuan arrived home in less than a quarter of an hour. 


    He didn't lock the courtyard door when he went out.

As soon as he entered the courtyard, he saw a eight-year-old ge'er walking under the eaves of his house, and said carefully: "Cousin Ayuan, you are back." 


    Zhang Fangyuan asked him back .

"Xiaomao, why are you here" 


    "I'll bring some food for cousin." 


    Seeing that his cousin was still talking to him today, Zhang Xiaomao was not so scared, and gave Zhang Fangyuan the big basket he brought over.


    There were some seasonal vegetables in it, such as radish, cabbage and pepper.

It was common for every household in the village to have them, but he always ran to the city at first, and he hadn’t dug the land since spring plowing.

The land at home had been abandoned.

There was no food at all. 


    "Your father sent it here" 


    Xiaomao nodded: "Father said that if my cousin has no food to eat, he can go to the field to pick it by himself." 


    Zhang Fangyuan frowned and there was a smile on the corner of his mouth.

His fourth uncle's family was the best to him. 


    When he went out to wander around, the fourth uncle came to grab his ears and scold him, but unfortunately he didn't listen, and even had a fight with him, which made the fourth uncle angry.

After that, he stayed away from home all day in the city.

He couldn't find him either, and when he returned to the village one year later, he found out that his fourth uncle hurt his foot when he went up the mountain, and because of tetanus he was gone. 


    His fourth aunt hated him and kept him behind closed doors.

Xiaomao later married and went somewhere else. 


    These things had always been the most regrettable in his heart. 


    He raised his head to look at the young brother, his eyes were soft, he touched his head, and said with a smile: "Your father is not angry with me anymore" 


    Not long ago, when he ran to the city, he also had a quarrel with the fourth uncle, and now he asked Xiaomao to bring food, and it seemed that his anger had dissipated. 


    Xiaomao pursed his lips.

His father didn't scold his cousin less at home, but how could he really hate this person If he really hated him, he wouldn't often say about him: "Father loves cousin the most, how can he be angry with you." 


    Zhang Fangyuan laughed: "You are getting more and more talkative.

What are you having at home tonight" 


    Xiaomao thought for a while: "Mother said it's raining today, we have nothing to do, I want pancakes." 


    "It's so good, I'll go over and grab some pancakes." Zhang Fangyuan called Xiaomao into the room, looked up at the only half-smoked pig's head hanging on the stove, he  took it down: "I don't know if the pig's head is broken, I'll take it to your house to see." 


    Zhang Fangyuan took the bamboo hat, carried the pig's head and went with Xiaomao to his fourth uncle, Zhang Shicheng's house. 





He was washing radishes under the eaves.

When she looked up, she saw one big and one small walking towards the yard.

She wiped her hands quickly, and got up to meet them with a smile. 


    Zhang Fangyuan called someone: "fourth aunt." 


    He handed the pig's head to the woman, looked up and looked into the house: "My fourth uncle is not at home" 


    "In the house." Neither did she be more polite with Zhang Fangyuan, and directly took the pig's head, with a smile in the corner of her eyes: "I will stew it for you, and it's just right to eat it with wine."


 The voice was not loud, and the people inside seemed to seriously eavesdrop the conversation outside the wall: "Give him some wine, he didn't drink enough in the city, so he go home to drink!" 


The two looked into the room together, and after Zhang Fangyuan exchanged glances with his fourth aunt, Lifted his legs and entered the house. 


    Sitting on a cushioned chair was a middle-aged man with a yellow complexion, probably because he was often anxious in life, and there was already a deep gully between his brows.

Zhang Fangyuan's fourth uncle was not very old, only in his early thirties, but the farmer looked old like in his forties. 


    The man had a bluffing face, and his figure was not as strong and tall as Zhang Fangyuan, but he had experienced decades of wind, frost, rain and snow, and his aura was very overwhelming. 


    "fourth uncle." 


    "You still know to come back, I think you died drunk in the city, and you will never leave home during the Chinese New Year." 


    Zhang Shicheng hadn't seen Zhang Fangyuan for more than half a month.

Since his parents passed away, this kid's temper became very weird.

He used to like to come to their house the most, but later he got into some bad habits and wandered around in the city.

Let alone coming to his house, the time he stayed in the village was few. 


    After finally seeing someone came over on his own initiative today, he also wanted to speak softly, but when he wanted to speak, he choked on people. 


    Zhang Fangyuan didn't get angry either, and sat down on the side with a cheeky face.

The hero didn't mention the bravery back then, and didn't answer his fourth uncle's angry words.

He picked what the elders liked to hear and said: "Yesterday, I asked Aunt Gan for a matchmaker." 


    "I heard what your aunt said." Zhang Shicheng didn't know he had returned to the village until he heard this, and today he asked Xiaomao to deliver something: "Your aunt was sheltering from the rain at Hu's house, and she happened to meet Matchmaker Gan who went to that family."


    When a man got married at an old age, it became a pimple in the hearts of the elders.

Zhang Fangyuan went to ask a matchmaker, which was a sign of stability.

Zhang Shicheng was very happy when he heard the news. 


    Zhang Fangyuan also became interested: "Aunt Gan was talking about the Hu family under the big locust tree at the east end of the village" 


    Seeing the light in his nephew's eyes, Zhang Shicheng sighed in his heart.

Today, the matchmaker came to Hu's house to talk about marriage.

It was mentioned that they were very enthusiastic and willing to talk to each other when someone asked for marriage.

When the matchmaker revealed who was asking for marriage, they immediately refused to meet each other, and even said harsh word in front of Mrs.



    "The daughter of our old Hu's family hasn't yet worried about marrying the second-rate son in law.

Is Zhang Fangyuan someone who can get along with herMatchmaker Gan, you think our Hu family is so foolish Our Hu family has never treated you badly.

How much do you look down on our Hu family for this kind of relationship, how much benefit did this Fangyuan give you to come to our house" 



He listened to it, blushing with embarrassment, and came back drenched in the rain without hiding. 


    Naturally, Zhang Shicheng wouldn't tell his nephew these ugly words, he said it very tactfully, fearing that it would hurt Zhang Fangyuan's hard-won serious thoughts: "It's not only the Hu family, anyone who is of marriageable age should go and talk about it.

See, both sides have to have that intention." 


    Zhang Fangyuan saw his fourth uncle's dignified expression and knew that the conversation was not very pleasant, and he had a certainty about his own market situation. 


    Talking about marriage was simple, just like the scholar Fei's family, as long as their family informed the matchmaker, and the matchmaker that the girl and ge'er entrusted came to their house to ask, the scholar's family accepted the marriage and it was done; But it  was hard to say, just like him, he still had to find out who was willing to go to his matchmaker.

It was a trivial matter to be ridiculed by people, and what's more, he was even afraid of being kicked out. 


    "Don't worry, your second aunt found out about this and brought a basket of eggs to beg Matchmaker Gan.

She will definitely be able to tell you a suitable and appropriate one.

The trouble may be more troublesome than other families, but you are also be strong.

When you are old, don’t blame the folks for speaking harshly if they think you’re just playing around, you have to be honest about what you’ve done in life.” 


    Zhang Fangyuan nodded: “I know.” 


    Seeing that people were being sincere today, Zhang Shicheng became more relaxed, he said in a more serious tone: "If you're kind, it's okay to give more gifts.

You know that fourth uncle doesn't have a son and you don't have to worry about the dowry.

If money is tight, fourth uncle will find a way for you.

If you can't find it in the village, you should go far away.

It doesn't matter if you look for it in other villages, this wife and fulang can't just find it casually, it's a matter of a lifetime, as long as you get down-to-earth in the future, you will be no worse than any man in the village." 


    Zhang Fangyuan felt hot in his heart, and took a long breath, he answered. 


    After dinner, Mrs.

He packed the remaining pork head meat for Zhang Fangyuan and let him take it home to eat.

How could Zhang Fangyuan have the nerve to take it "Forget it, come to eat again in two days." 


    Zhang Fangyuan responded with a smile. 


    Two days later, Zhang Fangyuan was burning charcoal in the yard when matchmaker Gan came to the door. 



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