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Chapter 6


    "Oh, why did you pile up the firewood at the door!" 


    Zhang Fangyuan was working in the house, and when he heard a yell from outside, he put down his work and went out.

Matchmaker Gan stood at the gate of the courtyard and said, guarding the firewood outside. 


    "Put it far away, how do you pile the firewood outside" 


    He really didn't know when there was a pile of firewood that looked like a hill next to the gate of the courtyard.

Zhang Fangyuan went out to welcome her, he tilted his head and glanced left and right outside the yard, but he didn't see any clues. 


    "I haven't had time to clean up the firewood I picked up." He smiled and said, "Aunt Gan, sit down quickly." 


    Zhang Fangyuan led people into the middle hall, and he was carrying stools and pouring tea.

Matchmaker Gan was very satisfied.


    "Nephew, to put it bluntly, I have worked hard for you." Matchmaker Gan sat down unceremoniously, and took a sip of tea. 


    If it wasn't for the two catties of meat being stewed by the man for a tooth sacrifice when it was mentioned at home, and being scolded by the Hu family, she would have given up on this job.

After working as a matchmaker for so many years, It was the first time she was scolded so harshly. 


    The Mrs.

He sent another basket of eggs, so she had to run to a few more houses cheekily.

After gaining some confidence, although she was also angered by the yin and yang, fortunately, they were not as swearing as the Hu family.

She didn't go to Hu's house to talk about matchmaking anymore.

The marriage couldn't be said to be benevolent.

The folks in the village  looked down on them, they really didn't know how to be human. 


    "Thank you for your hard work, Aunt Gan.

When things are done, you will definitely be rewarded with a big red envelope." 


    Matchmaker Gan waved her hand: "Forget it, it doesn't depend on your favor, it also depends on the face of your parents and aunts." 


    "Just keep in mind that this time it's the Guang family who agreed.

They have many children, and the fifth girl is the right age.

I took a look.

She has good features and a demure temperament.

She is a virtuous and good housekeeper.

You pack it neatly, bring some gifts and go to see with your aunt, if the two sides are suitable, the matter will be settled." 


    Zhang Fangyuan felt hot, but he still asked cautiously: "The Guang family on the border of the village, is it that family" 


    Matchmaker Gan nodded, this family moved to their village a few years ago, because they lived on the other side of the border, they didn't have close contact with the villagers in the village, if they couldn't find suitable family in this village , she was going to the neighboring village to inquire about it, and when she passed by Guang's, she remembered that there was still such a family. 


    The Guang family lived in poverty and had many children.

There were seven childrens around.  Matchmaker Gan didn't see all of them.

She only saw the one of the right age.

Now that the Guang family couple were getting older, the tax money paid by the larger family members was terrible, and they were also in a hurry to marry off the child.


    The laws of the Dachong Dynasty had stipulated that every female or ge'er who didn't marry between the ages of 15 and 30 would have to double the tax.

Originally, the money was calculated per person per year, which was 120 copper coins.

If the female or ge'er reached marriageable age, for unmarried persons the tax money would double as they got older.


    This also means that if there was a late-married woman or ge'er in the family, the family alone may have to pay a tax of six hundred copper coins at most, which was less than one tael of silver.

If it was not for a very good family, who could bear to pay taxes like this. 


    Matchmaker Gan came to the door and said that although the Guang family heard that it was Zhang Fangyuan, although they hesitated a little, they were still willing to meet each other. 


    "Auntie specifically inquired about the dowry with you.

The dowry in our village is not considered high.

Ordinary people's three or five taels of silver is decent.

This Guang family is also very open-minded.

There is no dowry.

Your aunt thinks a good idea of ​​this, and we will negotiate at this price when the time comes." 


The matchmaker confessed so caringly, Zhang Fangyuan was very grateful, and said a lot of good things. 


    Matchmaker Gan also drank the tea cheerfully.

She looked around the Zhang family out of the corner of her eyes.

The last time she came here was to drink the funeral wine.

It had been several years.

At that time, the Zhang family was well organized.

Came here now, the Weeds were growing in the yard, and although there were traces of tidying up the house, it was not as meticulous as the little girl's tidying up, and there was still dust on the tables and stools, wasn't that what a bachelor's house was like. 


    But it was also difficult for Zhang Fangyuan, who was a butcher with rough hands and feet, and had to spare his hands to handle these delicate tasks.

It was considered good to be able to reach this point. 


    "Okay, aunt brought you the news, so I won't sit around and delay you this morning.

Hurry up and get ready to go to Guang's family to see it.

If the matter is resolved sooner, auntie will get your happy money sooner, right" 


    Matchmaker Gan smiled and said goodbye. 


    Zhang Fangyuan sent the person to the door, looked at the firewood beside the courtyard door with his hands on his hips, and shook his head helplessly, this was the youngest Xu! 


    "The legs healed so quickly He can go up the mountain to collect firewood again." 


    He carried all the firewood into the house, locked the door after packing, and went to his fourth uncle's house again. 




    "What are you doing with me There is no work in the field, can you do it" 


    "I'll follow you to the city to see, so I can know what gifts to bring when I propose, and it will come in handy when I propose." 


The next day, Zhang Fangyuan was going to the city early in the morning to buy things for a marriage proposal, and Chen Si came to pester him early in the morning. 


    "How did you know" 


    Chen Si pursed his lips and said, "Matchmaker Gan talked to so many families in the village, and other families may only show off that the matchmaker went to their house to talk about marriage to girls and ge'er, no one can say who is asking for marriage, but when she went to Hu's house, can you control their big mouth Most of the villagers know that you, Zhang Fangyuan asked the matchmaker to talk about marriage, and they saw matchmaker Gan go to your house yesterday came out laughing, so they knew they must be talking about you."


    "You are too mean, you are doing such a big thing and you still hide it from me and don't talk to me." 


    Zhang Fangyuan strode towards the entrance of the village: "You are younger than me, and you are not in a hurry to get married.

Maybe you still want to compete with me to say that girls and ge'er are not good enough." 


    "I'm only two years younger than you, and I'm already old enough to get married now ." 


    Zhang Fangyuan said: "You don't seem to have a bad reputation.

Since you can get married, why wait" 


    Chen Si sighed: "Isn't my third brother not married yet Parents mean that no matter how anxious.

You can't go pass the older brother, and it will be my turn when the third brother is done."


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