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Zhang Fangyuan didn't think it was expensive, mainly because he was used to be extravagant.

Although he was determined to be frugal, he thought that the money was spent on the real thing, and it was not a waste of money. When he used to spend money recklessly, he used to go to Fengyuelou, where a meal cost more than 1,000 copper coins, but today it cost nearly 300 copper coins to buy these things, and he just found it troublesome, he didn't feel distressed either.

    The two came out of the shop, Chen Si said: "My mother asked me to buy some candles and salt, how about we meet up at the tea shed outside the city after shopping"

    Zhang Fangyuan replied, "Okay."

    On the left and right, he also needed to buy some things that were missing at home, and the two of them would go separately to buy things, and it would be faster.

    Zhang Fangyuan was going to a dried fruit shop to buy some dried fruit for Xiaomao’s snacks.

Before leaving, he passed a small medical clinic.

    "We don't pay on credit or keep accounts in our medical clinic.

How much should it be"

    "Three doses of common typhoid medicine are only 30 copper coins, why are two doses here 40 copper coins”

    "The price of food, cloth and clothes can be increased, can’t the price of our medicine for curing diseases and saving lives go up" Yaotong (a medical boy) who picked up the medicine said impatiently: "Can you afford it It's only thirty copper coins, so you don't have it"

    Xu He opened his mouth: "I don’t want it anymore.”


Hearing this, Yaotong  stroked his sleeves: “The medicines are prepared and you say no, you are so funny, you don’t need the things, but you have to pay for them!”

    It was also the first time for Xu He met such a strong seller.

He frowned and turned around to leave without answering Yaotong.

Suddenly, two men came out of the door and guarded the door.

    "If you want to leave, it's not so easy if you don’t lose money." Yaotong put down his abacus and came out from the counter, sneered and approached Xu He with his hands behind his back: "What's the matter, to lose money or not"

    Xu He's heart beat a little faster, and he subconsciously looked back, surrounded by a few men who were so unkind, how could you not be afraid in your heart: "How much do you want

    " Double the price!"

    Xu He opened his eyes, he also wanted to use the money to settle the matter, but he didn't have enough money to buy medicines, where did he get so much money, and just when he didn't know what to do, two muffled groans came from behind: "There are so many people and it's so lively.

Let me see what kind of money I need to give you."


Seeing the two gatekeepers being kicked openly, and a tall and burly man coming in against the light in front of the door, Yaotong swallowed slightly and took a step back.

"No, nothing."

    Zhang Fangyuan threw the medicine bag on Yaotong's face, and pulled Xu He's wrist out of the hospital.

    "You have to spend money to see a doctor and buy medicine.

From now on, you will see that there is no customers in this small shop in a remote area.

You, a little ge’er, don't go in alone.

There are many people in the city who look peaceable, but the mixed fish and dragons are not comparable to a village.

It’s much more troublesome in the city.

Some of them are black shops, which specialize in catching orders and bullying them.”

[The dragons and fishes mixed together: talented/good/honest people and stupid/bad/evil people are mixed up in the society and thus it is hard to distinguish them (when a bad guy pretends to be a good guy and mixes up with a crowd, it’s not easy to find out)]

    Zhang Fangyuan had been in the city for a long time, and he knew these things very well.

If he hadn’t been bumped by him just now, being asked for money was still a trivial matter He couldn't tell if these unscrupulous people would do anything, thinking of this, he couldn't help scolding people.

    After talking for a while, the person behind him didn't answer a word, his head was hanging lower than on the cart, and he walked unsteadily, so he stopped in his tracks.

    Xu He didn't know that the person in front of him stopped suddenly, and it was true that what happened just now made him felt lingering fear, but after Zhang Fangyuan came in, he breathed a sigh of relief.

With a bang, he bumped directly into Zhang Fangyuan's body and was almost knocked to the ground.

    Zhang Fangyuan frowned: "Did you listen to me"

    "Yes, I remember."

    Zhang Fangyuan was angry, but seeing that the person seemed not sober today, he softened his tone: " Everything is sold"

    "I sold a chicken coop and a few back ropes."

    Later, his throat was so sore that he couldn't make a sound, his head was dizzy, and his whole body was extremely heavy, so he had to seek medical advice.

He thought that the small medical clinic would be more affordable, but he didn't expect to go to a black shop by mistake.

    "Are you feeling unwell"

    Xu He looked up at him, his face was already very red, as if he could feel the heat from his skin through the air.

    Without saying a word, Zhang Fangyuan grabbed the wrist of the crumbling man and strode forward.

    Xu He was a little panicked, but he didn't have the strength to break free from him, he didn't even have the strength to open his mouth to ask him what he wanted, so he was dragged into a big medical clinic on the main street.

    The courtyard-shaped two-story medical center was full of patients, the doctors and Yaotong are a bit busy, Xu He was a little cramped, he had never been to such a large medical center, he didn't even know where to grab the medicine, and he was flustered, the person next to him said: "Wait here for a while, I will go to the doctor."

    Zhang Fangyuan arranged him to rest in the place where the patients were waiting for treatment, and watched the familiar figure go to the counter to talk to Yaotong.

Acting like a relative would only do something, and he didn't know if being seriously ill would make people weak.

Inadvertently, his nose became sour and his eyes fogged up.


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