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"I will pay you back the money for today's consultation ."

After leaving the door of the clinic, Xu He spoke righteously.

    Zhang Fangyuan didn't shirk it, he knew that Xu He wanted to be strong, and the two of them were not related, so this was the best way: "As you like.

The total is sixty-five copper coins, don't worry about giving it to me, just give it when you have money." "

    Xu He felt a bit of pain, but looking at the large and small packets of medicine, in fact, what the doctor said was true, and it was not expensive. As long as the injury could be cured, the money was well spent.

    After the two went out, they were silent and didn’t speak, and went straight to the outside of the city gate.

Xu He didn't intend to be brave when he went back this time.

Just felt sorry for yourself.

    The bullock cart master hadn't come yet, and Zhang Fangyuan happened to be waiting for Chen Si in the tea shed, so he waited together.

    Seeing Zhang Fangyuan mentioning a lot of things, He ge’er rarely took the initiative to say: "I heard you are getting married"

    Zhang Fangyuan was a little surprised how Xu He knew, but thinking of Chen Si's words, he felt normal: "Yes, make up your mind, buy the things first and go to have a look.

Most of them fail to see each other, and it’s even more difficult for people like me."

    "You are sincere, you won't."

    Zhang Fangyuan silence for a long time, he glanced at him and said with a negligent smile, "Really"

    He took out the box on a whim, and pushed it towards Xu He: "Look, do you like it"

    Xu He lowered his eyes, looked at the exquisite and beautiful jewelry box.

When the gift box was opened, there were four flowers The big and round red flowers were so gorgeous that they caught his eyes, and the corner of his mouth twitched undetectably: "It's very, very festive."

    Zhang Fangyuan was very happy when he heard the words: "Ok! Xiaoer’s choice is right."

    Xu He wanted to remind him that the young girl might not like it very much, but there was a shout from a distance: "The cart, the cart! Is anyone leaving"

    He quickly got up: "I'm going back first."

    Zhang Fangyuan nodded: "Go back."

    Xu He beckoned to the bullock cart master, walked over step by step, and turned back halfway: "Thank you."

    Zhang Fangyuan shook his head with a smile.

    Not long after the bullock cart left, Zhang Fangyuan drank a cup of tea in the tea shed, and Chen Si came back with the things his family told him to buy, and the two returned to the village together.

    It was not too late to return to the village.

After lunch, when Zhang Fangyuan came home, Mrs.

He was already waiting at the door.

When she saw the person coming back, she quickly greeted him: "Is everything ready"

    Zhang Fangyuan nodded, she beamed: "Then let's go there this afternoon, which is just right."

Zhang Fangyuan was slightly taken aback: "In such a hurry"     


He combed her hair and tidied up her whole body.

Zhang Fangyuan also went into the house and changed his clothes.

The two packed up their gifts and went to Guang's house at the village boundary.

    It had only been a few years since the Guang family moved to this Village, and they lived far away.

They were at the border of the two villages, and they were not close to the people in the two villages.

It was rare for anyone to have a wedding or funeral called this family.

    Everyone didn't know much about the Guang family, they only knew that the couple looked honest and didn't talk too much when they met, so they didn't show any hostility or exclusion towards the new household, and they would still be polite when they met.


He and Zhang Shicheng, as Zhang Fangyuan's elders, felt that since there was nothing good to say in the village, Guang's family was also good.

After all, they were all from the same village, and they were close to each other, so there was nothing wrong with it.

Yes, it was easier than the far village.

    The two were walking on the road, Mrs.

He said happily: "Your fourth uncle means that after this meeting, there will be a big banquet, so that everyone in the village will come and have a drink."


    The two were looking forward to good things, and within half an hour they saw the Guang family on the border from a distance.

The houses in the countryside were all covered with mud and thatched roofs.

Those with better conditions had tile roofs, and the better ones had stone roofs.

There were only three families in Jijiu Village with such courage.

    In fact, the Zhang family had several uncles, and they were also known as famous families in the village.

For example, his eldest uncle's house and the sixth uncle's house were built with tile-roof, which was the portals of the middle and upper classes.

    If it wasn't for Zhang Fangyuan not doing a proper job in the city, made money today and spent it today, if he managed to get married earlier in the village, he might be able to squeeze into the upper-middle class, but now there was nothing like but like a reservoir dogs.

    But now he had devoted himself to correct himself, and after reassuring his fourth uncle again and again, his fourth uncle said that the future could be expected.

    And this Guang family was obviously a lower-class family.

It could be seen from the small dilapidated house.

There were many childrens, but no one had a big future.

Life was very difficult. It was precisely because they were poor, otherwise they wouldn’t choose Zhang Fangyuan.

    "Come here! Come here, the blind date is here!"

    The youngest son of the Guang family was playing with grass and insects inside the fence, seeing the two people coming along the mountain road, he hurriedly shouted and ran into the house.

    Hearing the sound, Guang's mother came out to open the gate of the courtyard.

The fifth girl, who was seeing each other this time, was a little nervous and impatient, so she peeked at the door, half hidden.

    She had heard from the matchmaker that he was a butcher, strong and tall, and her mother had told her for a long time that although a butcher was fierce but skilled, it was a good choice, and she was prepared in her heart.

    But when she looked at the man with thick eyebrows and big eyes, broad shoulders and head held high, the girl was still a little timid.

    This man was upright and even handsome, but he was too strong.

If he had a bad temper, he could kill her with just two fists.

    She felt a little discouraged, it could be seen that the man's clothes were very good, and he brought a lot of things when he came to see her, and she noted it in her heart.

    The Zhang family was generally a big family in the village, and their family situation was much better than theirs.

After they got married, they definitely didn’t have to continue to eat bran and swallow vegetables at home, which really moved her.

    Furthermore, the family was really in a difficult situation now.

The second elder brother was old and hadn’t yet found a girl and the younger brother, he was injured when he went out to work a while ago, and they had to pay for the medicine.

They were afraid that he wouldn't be able to survive.

    Getting married was the best choice for her, since she could live better and the family could get some money.


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