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  "Please sit down, please sit down."


Guang's courtyard is just right.

Look at the chickens and ducks."

    "They are all small things.

Don't laugh Mrs.


    Zhang Fangyuan entered the yard, and the two women chatted and laughed like a family.

He was really clumsy in these matters, and he needed a woman to talk.

It was really right to ask his aunt to come.

    He honestly followed behind He Shi, taking the gifts when he was asked, and calling people when he was asked, which was very well arranged.

[He Shi: After marrying, a woman uses her father's surname and the affix “shi,” meaning “clan name or maiden name]

    "Ask the girl to come out and take a look It's still necessary for these young people to open their eyes, don't you think so"

    After chatting about the housework, He Shi returned to the topic, and Guang's mother also went on the road, yelling into the room: "Qiu'er."

    Zhang Fangyuan waited for someone to come out, seeing that Guang's mother's face was not ugly, it seemed that she should give birth to a decent young daughter.

    At this time, there was usually a ceremony, and the girl's family had to urge the girl to pretend that the girl was shy.

Zhang Fangyuan waited patiently, but the girl didn't shout out, and a man with a chicken came in first from outside the courtyard.

    The eyes of several people were naturally attracted.

    Guang's mother saw the man and the tone of the curse was familiar, as if blaming him for coming back at the wrong time: "If you are sick, you won’t take good care of yourself.

What kind of work must you go out when the younger sister talks about marriage"

    Turning her head and smiling at He Shi and Zhang Fangyuan, she introduced the man: "This is the second child of our family."

    Zhang Fangyuan tilted his head, looking at the chubby figure, he felt a little familiar, but couldn't remember it for a while.

He immediately stood up regardless of etiquette.

    He was already facing the man fiercely, and when he showed a slightly angry expression, his face became even more threatening.

He Shi was startled, and asked in a low voice: "Fangyuan, what's going on"

He Shi gently tugged on the hem of  his clothes, asked him not to cause any conflicts at this moment.

    The second son of the Guang family seemed to drink some wine and his mind was in a daze.

He raised his head and saw the man standing in the yard.

He shivered reflexively and hid back.

As soon as he loosened his hand, the half-dead chicken jumped out of his hand.

Zhang Fangyuan stared at the panic-stricken man, narrowed his eyes slightly and said to the second son of the Guang family, "Are you from this family"

The man: "Mother..."

    Guang's mother also saw that the two had a feud, and immediately smoothed things over: "You child, if you are not comfortable, go into the toom.

A big man is showing his timidity outside.


Zhang, where are we talking"

    He Shi was about to answer, but Zhang Fangyuan said directly: "There is no need to look at each other, aunt, let's go."

    "What, what's the matter"

    He Shi hurriedly grabbed the man with a dark face.

    Zhang Fangyuan said: "There is no such fate."

    Guang's mother knew that Zhang Fangyuan's reputation was not good, but her eyes lit up when she saw him.

She felt that the talent was quite outstanding, and he was still humble in front of the elders.

    The little girl's family was too one-sided in her view of men, she only knew how to choose a scholar who was gentle and considerate with a soft tone voice, but she didn't know that what happened after marriage.

she liked someone like Zhang Fangyuan, which had many benefits. Guang’s mother was quite satisfied with him, but he didn't get along with her son, and now her face changed as soon as he said it, and she didn't even care about the situation, so she became unhappy.


Zhang, what do you mean You begged the matchmaker to come and see my daughter, but he quit before he saw her, Is it that our Guang family is a newcomer and easy to bully"

    He Shi was puzzled and looked at Zhang Fangyuan: "This..."

    Zhang Fangyuan didn't want to directly expose people's faults, but Guang's mother insisted on being obsessed, so he said politely: "Dare to ask what the second brother of the Guang family does for a living

    Guang’s mother Said: "The second son is not talented, he does some casual work in the city, and occasionally works as a helper in the neighboring village."

    Zhang Fangyuan glanced sideways at the chickens in the yard: "What does the second brother do There are countless things, after all everything is brought into the house.

People are poor and ambitious, and although I, Zhang Fangyuan, am not a weapon, I can’t be the brother-in-law of  Brother Guang.”

    “The last time he touched my thing, I warned him, huh.” Zhang Fangyuan sneered: "It seems that the second brother will not repent, I can't swallow this."

    Although he didn't say it bluntly, He Shi was also a smart person, and he immediately understood what he said.

The situation, although she was dissatisfied with her nephew's sudden turn of events just now, but there were brothers with bad character in this family, so the marriage couldn’t be tolerated.

    "Miss Guang, since that's the case, then we won't bother you." He Shi was on the nephew's side and said that she was about to leave and she mentioned the things she brought, but this move made Guang's mother jump up.     

The fact that the family's shady thing was uncovered, and the marriage was lost because of it, Guang's mother was ashamed and angry, and when a person was unreasonable, she would try to find some momentum from other places.

"It turned out that you are the one who beat our second child like that.

He hurt his ribs and was frightened.

He was bedridden for two days.

Now he is barely able to go out, but you threatened him again.

A butcher can bully others like this Today's marriage can be dismissed, but you have to pay for my son's medical expenses!"


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