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The second child of the Guang family hid behind the door, and the siblings were together, listening to the quarrel outside, the fifth miss Guang glanced at her brother, she felt so ashamed, wiped her eyes and ran away crying.

She went into the inner room: "I said that my brother can't do this job, and you still keep doing it."     

The second child of the Guang family scolded: "Why didn't I see you say these words when eating the meat, the meat is still the most delicious!"

    After scolding, he secretly looked at Zhang Fangyuan in fear, secretly hating his mother for saying such words.

    He had experienced how vicious this butcher was.

If he disagreed, let him go and let the matter go.

Now that she said he would lose money, if the butcher went crazy, he would beat the whole family to hell.

    He was terrified and didn't dare to go out.

He only complained that he didn't listen to the man's family when the matchmaker came to talk about marriage.

However, all these things at home were handled by his mother, and he couldn't even eat enough.

Who would have thought about it

Never mind that. After Zhang Fangyuan listened to Guang mother's words, he directly protected He Shi behind him with a smirk, and looked down at Guang mother: "What's the matter, if I don't pay today, Mrs.

Guang will keep me for dinner I boast that I have seen many shameless people, but I never thought that Mrs.

Guang is even better."     

Guang's mother changed her usual image of not talking much in the village, thinking that she was on her own land, and the family had more children and more people.

So she pointed directly at Zhang Fangyuan's nose and scolded: "You still don't pay for beating someone, you can't be like this even if your father is a king! Gave birth you such a tyrannical person, look at who in the village and out of the village will marry their girl and ge’er to you.

Go, be a bachelor for the rest of your life, old widower!"     

Zhang Fangyuan flashed all kinds of past lives in his mind, his eyes sharpened, and bang, with a sound, he slammed his fist down in front of Guang’s mother, and the corner of the wooden table in the yard was broken.     

Guang’s mother trembled, her shoulders trembled, she stared blankly at the person and couldn't shout anymore.     


Guang, let's try whether it's your mouth or my fist." Zhang Fangyuan turned and called He Shi: "Auntie, let's go."

The two came and went.

When the people walked away, Guang's mother's legs softened and she fell back to the chair.

The second son, the fifth daughter and the youngest son at home quickly surrounded her: "Mother, are you okay"

    "This butcher is so vicious, it's a good thing that the marriage failed, otherwise our daughter will have suffered a lot after marrying."

    "Mother, he won't sue us, will he"

Her ears were buzzing like mosquitoes.

Guang’s mother didn't even have time to catch her breath: "What kind of sue The court is about evidence, can he show it"

    The second son was relieved after hearing this: "Mother and the fifth sister is so angry, just stew this chicken at night, so my mother can rest assured.”

    Guang’s mother was quite tired physically and mentally, she couldn’t use her legs on the chair, so she waved her hand: “Let’s cook it for dinner at night "

    The fifth miss Guang pinched her fingers, feeling a little sad in her heart, but she still obediently went to kill the chicken, as if this big thing couldn't be compared with a bite of meat.

    "Fangyuan, don't worry about this matter.

It's better to know their character earlier than to know it after you get married.

You did the right thing.

We can't look for petty thieves." Knowing the whole story, He Shi consoled: "Who would have thought that this family will be like this.

Guang's mother wouldn’t advise and teach her son."

    Zhang Fangyuan sighed for a long time: "I saw that kid on the mountain.

How could I, a butcher recognized him when he was stealing something, but I didn’t recognize him at a glance that he is from the Guang family.

I only regret that I didn’t break that kid’s hand last time, so he can still do these things.”

    He Shi shook her head: "Forget it, we won't be in contact with Guang's family anymore.

Auntie will go to your Aunt Gan again, and I will definitely find someone suitable."

    "Let's talk."

    Zhang Fangyuan said a little Annoyed, he thought that things wouldn’t work out, but he never thought that things wouldn’t work out in this way.

    There was a lot of discussion about the marriage in the village, and although they didn't talk about the marriage with others this morning, there were always people who wanted to inquire about it.

    People in the village didn’t dare to ask Zhang Fangyuan, but they could ask He Shi.

    He Shi was not a woman with a bad mouth, she didn't want to talk about people's good and bad, she just said that the two parties were not suitable, thinking about the sons and daughters in that room, they were all parents, she still left some feelings for the Guang family.

    The failure of the marriage seemed to be a reasonable result.

The women in the village laughed about it, but they didn't take it seriously.

However, within a few days, there was a gust of evil wind in the village.


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