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Since Xu He went to the city to pick up the medicine, he didn't go out much these days, and used the excuse of burning winter charcoal to raise himself at home for a few days.

    The weather was fine, and he saw that the wound on his knees were also scabbed.

After taking a few doses of medicine, the typhoid fever was also cured, so he took a basin and went to the river to wash clothes.

    The clothes of the whole family were packed into a big basin, and he carried and hugged the big basin.

There were not many days of good weather in winter, and there were already many ge’ers and girls washing clothes by the river.

Everyone was talking and laughing.

It was so lively.

    "He Ge'er is also here to do the laundry.

Come on, let me move for you."

    A woman enthusiastically called him over, but Xu He was not polite, and went straight to put the basin down.


Mao, you called He Ge'er to come over, don't you want to inquire about his second sister

    " He Ge'er, have your family chosen someone for your sister, have you chosen a son-in-law"

    Xu He rubbed his clothes: "No."

    He answered the truth, and it was also what the second sister and his mother told him.

When he was asked, he would say no, so that there would be more people to choose from.     

"Miss Xu has to choose from thousands of choices.

How can she fall in love with someone so quickly If Mrs.

Mao is interested, it will be better to find a matchmaker and go directly to the house to talk."

There were a lot of unmarried girls and ge’ers, listening to the woman with a son staring at Xu Shaochun and asking, everyone was naturally unhappy.

Originally, Xu Shaochun had taken all the good things in the village.

Who was willing to listen to her marriage.

    At this time, a man passed by on the ridge in the distance, and someone with bright eyes changed the topic directly: "Look, isn't that the second child of the Guang family He really went to the city to get medicine and just come back."

    "Oh, the butcher in our village is really not a human."

    There were two girls who didn't go out, and the news was not very well-informed.

It sounded like there was a lot of excitement, and one of them couldn't help asking: "What's the matter"

    "You don't know about Zhang Fangyuan's courtship"

    Xu He heard the man's name while he was rubbing his clothes, and he couldn't help but look up at the man in the distance, his brows froze suddenly.

    "Earlier, the matchmaker told Zhang Fangyuan about the fifth girl from the Guang family.

The butcher went to see her a while ago, and he disliked the poverty of the Guang family, and even insulted the second son of the Guang family for not doing his job properly.

There was a quarrel between the two sides, and the butcher's violent temper got on his hands.

he smashed someone's table and beat the second son, Guang's mother is still lying at home now."


The two girls opened their mouths in disbelief: "Is this true or not

    “Then the second son of the Guang family was very angry, he went to the langzhong to get medicine.

The Guang’s mother wiped her tears when she was asked about it, and I felt pitiful.”

[郎中 láng zhōng: doctor (Chinese medicine)]

    " It looks like he is fooling around in the city, fighting and making trouble, but also with people from the casinos, this business is hard to be a real job.

The vision is so high, if you don’t like this, it’s strange that you can marry a wife.”

    “ His fourth uncle and fourth aunt are in a hurry to defend and refute, saying that the Guang family is not a good family, the second son of Guang's hand and feet are not clean, and everyone should be careful."


The woman snorted: "I have never seen anyone who is so protective . For a relative, if the marriage fails, you are still a fellow countryman, isn’t it too much to fight with them, to find an unreasonable excuse and say such ugly words to slander others."

    "I originally thought that He Shi is still a reasonable person, I didn't expect to have such a character, and I won't talk to Xiaomao from their family in the future."

    "What about Xiaomao He's only a little older.

The biggest headache for the Zhang family right now is Zhang Fangyuan, the eldest nephew.

Does he look like a decent person to make trouble like this No matter how much money he gives as a gift, Don't even think about asking for a wife in the village."

    "You unmarried girls and ge’ers, you should be vigilant, keep your eyes open, and don't be fooled, otherwise there will be a lot of suffering in the future."

    Everyone was talking lively, suddenly a voice broke the climax, and said coldly: "What aunt He said is true, she didn't protect Zhang Fangyuan, the second son of the Guang family really has unclean hands and feet.”


 With a straight face, he refuted everyone's conversation, not only a little surprised that he, a person who didn't talk much, would participate in the conversation, but also dissatisfied that he didn't follow everyone's words.

    "What do you, a little ge’er know, the Zhang family is not related to your family, right Why do you still speak for them"

    Xu He didn't change his face: "I'm telling the truth."


The woman said: "Hey, look at this He Ge’er, he is still stubborn.”

    A little ge’er teased: “He Ge’er, if you speak for the butcher like this, is it possible that you want him to come to your house to propose marriage The family agreed, right”

    “Yes, your sister’s vision is so high, she must be unwilling.

Your parents want you to be promised to him There are not many choices for you, but you should weigh it carefully.

Zhang Fangyuan is not a good match, I can tell someday, he will do something to you."

    Everyone laughed.

    Xu He ignored everyone's jokes, picked up the laundry basin, and was about to leave the right and wrong nest to wash alone, before leaving, he said coldly: "Believe it or not, don't be careful, don't cry when you lose something and cry for father and mother."


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