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    At night, Zhang Fangyuan ate dinner.

Although he ate dinner early, it was approaching midwinter, the days were short and the nights were long, and it was getting dark earlier.

    He came out of the fourth uncle's house, and within a few steps, he heard a rustling sound, like snow particles. The little snowball bounced from his shoulders to the ground, and he shrank his shoulders involuntarily.

He squinted and saw a warm yellow light shining from the window of Xu's house in the distance, and felt a little warm in his heart.

    Within two days, the villagers discovered that Zhang Fangyuan had become elusive again, and the gate of the courtyard was often closed tightly, and they didn't know where he had gone.

    He was humane, most likely because the courtship failed, and it was really shameless to walk around in the village. Some also said that he was stimulated and went to the city to fool around again.

In short, there were different opinions, and no one knew what the butcher was doing.

    It was not very useful to control him, it was nothing more than slaughtering domestic animals, but after the things like Guang's family happened, who would pay attention to him, even if they went to other places to hire butchers, they didn't want to associate with him.

    Little did they know that Zhang Fangyuan had already been walking among the fields in the outer village with a set of pig slaughtering tools on his back.

    He hit each other with a sharp meat-splitting knife and a whetstone, and the iron knife made a cold sound, which could travel far along the wind.

    This was the unique voice of a butcher, once the villagers heard it, they would know that it was the butcher who slaughtered the livestock.

    He worked tirelessly, walking from a village to other village, and kept going in the direction of the official road.

    People in his village didn't want him to slaughter their domesticanimals, so he went to other villages. It was already mid-winter, and there were many people slaughtering domestic animals for selling them or celebrating the New Year.

Many butchers in the village were too busy.

    "I go to the village to butcher the domestic animals.

Let me make it clear first that I don't charge meat, only money."

    "How much is for an animal"

    "Market price."

    Slaughtering a pig the price between 25 to 40 copper coins, depending on whether the owner was generous or not.

Zhang Fangyuan was beneficial to slaughter more domestic animals, such as sheep.

    Zhang Fangyuan spoke neatly, and the villagers saw that he had neat tools and a burly figure and he seemed to have a good hand. Besides, it didn't matter to take money, anyway, sending meat and offal was all money after conversion.

There was no such thing as a loss, so they called the people back, and quickly called the brothers and neighbors to slaughter the pigs.

    People in other villages didn't know Zhang Fangyuan well, and few people knew what his reputation was in this village, but seeing that he slaughtered the pigs and shaved the hair and divided the meat quickly, the master's family paid the lowest market price of 25 copper coins.

Not much to say, everyone thought that people were very straightforward, unlike some butcher who like a mother-in-law, who wanted to get money after eating and taking the meat, and wanted to ask for more meat if they didn’t take money.

There were not many people in the butcher business, and the villagers also had a few people to rely on, so they suffered from being dumb.

    Immediately after the domestic animals of this family were slaughtered, Zhang Fangyuan was invited to the next house.

He was good at doing things and had good physical strength.

He was not tired of slaughtering more than a dozen of domestic animals a day, and he would go if anyone called.

    The villagers were very happy.

Everyone gathered to slaughter the pigs for two days, and those people helped.

It was much cheaper for each family to slaughter the pigs together than in separate days.

Why didn’t do it if you could save some meat consumption.

    For a while, the business of these butchers in this village was much weaker, but they couldn't keep up with Zhang Fangyuan's ability.

    Zhang Fangyuan walked outside for several days, doing things in a quiet manner, carefully remembering which villages raised more livestock and which households raised more domestic animals.

    In any family, he ate pig soup when the family had a meal.

He ate well and earned money.

He felt that life was much happier than listening to gossip in the village.

    He had been slaughtering pigs in the village for more than half a month.

He had traveled to many villages and traveled far, and he had more and more money in his pocket.

After the liquidation, he found that he had more than a thousand copper coins, and the copper coins were heavy, so he stopped working, go to the bank in the city and exchange it for silver.

    It was much easier to exchanged a large bag of copper coins into a small amount of silver, and the feeling of earning money was so safe that he didn't want to go home.

    He also figured it out, he was born again because he didn't want to repeat the same result of being lonely, widowed, old and dead, so he anxiously wanted to start a family, but he didn't know that it was difficult to start a family without establishing a career.

He got a hammer in the head, and he became more sober.

    Rather than listening the gossip in the village and not being able to get close, it was better to spend your mind on making money.

    After leaving the bank, he went straight to the cattle and horse dealer, wanting to choose a cattle to make a cart.

    "Choose what kind of animals you want.

There are small ones, young ones, strong ones and old ones." In the covered sheds there were catttle and horse, which were divided into compartments.

There was a gap, which was convenient for people to see the appearance.

    When entering the store, there was a smell of cows and horses, mixed with feces and urine, and the smell was very unpleasant. But there were quite a few people inside, and many of them came to see the livestock.

    Cattle and horses were extremely important for farming and transportation, and only the upper class in a village were willing to buy these animals if they had the spare money. Of course, it was another talk about people who made a living by driving cattle and horses and carrying people.

    Zhang Fangyuan was also very hesitant, whether to choose cattle or horses, his plan was to set up a cart, not to carry people for a living, but to transport things specifically.

    He couldn't make up his mind, and wanted to ask the cattle and horse dealers to introduce them, but these lazy things, with their legs crossed under the greenhouse, didn't come to greet the customers.


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