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   Zhang Fangyuan looked at the little girl who was standing by the stove while pinching her waist, her pearls and jade were round, her face was white and rosy, her black eyes matched with red cherry lips, she was wearing a delicate royal blue velvet winter coat, she was alive and well like the proud daughter of a rich family, it was no wonder that Chen Si almost swallowed when he mentioned it, but she really had a good appearance. 


    On the other hand, the little ge'er who was working on the stove by the side was dressed in a cross-neck linen dress that was stitched together in small steps, wrapped a bony body, with a scorched yellow face with no flesh, and two protruding eyes that were extraordinarily large.

But he didn't look very bright, the circles around his eyes were black and blue, his whole body was very gray, like a short and thin little monkey, he was really different from his sister. 


    "The heart and lungs stewed with radishes were so fragrant.

I've already prepared the soup.

You just need to stir-fry the vegetables." 


The little ge'er's tone was light, and his voice was mixed with the hoarseness of the winter, neither like The girl delicate and soft, not like ge'er clear and beautiful voice, but more like a wild gull that occasionally croaked while foraging on the river beach.


    Wearing an apron, he was cooking with a spatula in front of the stove, but he was quick to put salt and ingredients into the pot, the smell of cooking filled the small stove. 


    Zhang Fangyuan rubbed his chin, the food was really delicious, it could catch up with the best restaurants in the city. 


    "Zhang Tuzi!" 


   a sudden call came, and Xu Shaochun, who was in the room was in shock, picked up a crock pot nearby. 


    Zhang Fangyuan turned his head and saw Liu Xianglan hurriedly approaching, he said unhurriedly: "Madam Xu, let me find the latrine." 


    "It's on the left, just go along the eaves and turn around the corner." 


    "Okay " 


    Zhang Fangyuan walked to the place she said, and Liu Xianglan got into the kitchen when she saw that the person had gone far away. 


    Xu Shaochun breathed a sigh of relief, put down the earthen pot, and went forward to hold Liu Xianglan's arm: "You scared me so much." 


    Liu Xianglan scolded: "You have to be careful to avoid this man, he go to the city to drink all day long.

Just kidding around, I think he came here to see you on purpose, and even pretended to be looking for a latrine.

You girl has such a big heart, so you didn't pay attention." 


    "Mother knows that person's character was not good, why were you still let him came here" 


    "I didn't call him, it was your father who called to kill the pigs, since the old butcher died, he was the only butcher in our village.

If you don't call him to kill the pigs, Your father said it would be too much trouble to do it.” 


    Liu Xianglan said nothing, and then glanced at Xu He who hadn't said a word: “How is the cooking Oh, it smells so good.” 


    When it came to the food, even her mother praised him, and couldn't help but said: "The meat and vegetables are delicious.

He ge'er's craftsmanship was good, but the taste was too strong."


"Mother wants me to learn in this kitchen.

It's a pity that the new clothes my mother made for me in the city were full of smells." 


    "You silly girl, I know you don't like smoky things, but there were many people outside today, so take out something to meet the guests." 


The mother and daughter talked for a while, then remembered that there was another person in the side stove, turned to Xu He and said, "He ge'er, don't go out until the dishes here ready, it's too late to set and serve.

Let someone does it, you go back to the house to eat.

It’s not that your mother won’t let you go out, there are a lot of gossips from the village here today, and they will have to use you to talk to Shaochun.” 


    Xu He didn’t even lift his eyelids, just nodding his head, no matter if it was someone else's business or his own business, he always arranged like this anyway.

The villagers couldn't eat a few good meals throughout the year.

Today, there were some meat dishes.

Itwas more comfortable to eat two big spoonfuls of vegetables in the room.


    Zhang Fangyuan came back from the hut and played a few dice with the men in the village.

He was lucky.

He won several times in a row, and those who lost were not very happy.

The dice was withdrawn. 


    Everyone started setting up and ate lively again. 


    "The fried pork liver was so tender, it's really delicious." 


    Chen Si took a sip of wine and praised the fried pork liver with sliced ​​scallions, and all the men at the table moved their chopsticks when they heard this. 


    "It's really tender, it takes long to do it." 


    At this moment, Liu Xianglan heard the news and pointed at the daughter in the room with her chin while she was refilling the wine: "The child fried it, it's not good, everyone, don't joke about her." 


    Zhang Fangyuan ate with a sullen head, and couldn't help but look up at Liu Xianglan, who was full of smiles.

Just now, this dish was clearly fried by Xu He, who was out of the way.

How could it be Xu Shaochun's cooking . 


    "I've heard that the second girl of Xu's family, has such a good skill.

Whoever gets married will be a great blessing." 


    Immediately, several women also joined in, and Liu Xianglan smiled from ear to ear.

He said directly: "Everyone knows how to joke." 


    Zhang Fangyuan saw that she didn't tell the truth, and threw a few pieces of radish into his mouth.

This Xu family was really interesting.

He raised his neck and shamelessly yelled at Liu Xianglan: "Madam Xu, if you don't call your girl and ge'er out to eat on such a good day, they've been busy around the stove all morning, and you're still hiding it at this time." 


    "Hahahahaha, Zhang Fangyuan can say that by opening his mouth." 


    The men at the table picked up Zhang Fangyuan and joked again.


    Without letting her mother shout, Xu Shaochun actually walked out in response to the chatter and laughter of a group of men, and She said that she would pour wine for the elders who came to eat.

Seeing Xu Shaochun who came out with a rosy face, all the men at the table stopped serving the food, she was really filial and reasonable. 


    Zhang Fangyuan raised the corners of his mouth, took advantage of this spare time, and picked pork lung slices from the big  bowl by himself.

The Xu family's cooking skills were good, but after digging and searching, there were not many pieces of meat in a large pot of radish lung slice soup. 


    When the man at the table turned his eyes away from Xu Shaochun, Zhang Fangyuan ate up all the meat. 


    After the meal, Zhang Fangyuan, as a butcher, not only got a meal, but also a piece of pork as a reward from the host. 


    Xu Changren was quite generous, and gave Zhang Fangyuan two catties of fat and thin pork.

After he took the things, he didn't keep much, and he was about to leave. 


    The ones left on this side were all those who had the idea of ​​​​the second daughter of the Xu family.

If he hadn' t bumped into the two children of the Xu family in kitchen today, seeing Xu Shaochun's good looks, plus her mother's bragging, he would definitely fascinated. 


    He shook his head, people needed to look more. 


    He didn't go home directly with the meat, but turned his head and went to another  place first. 


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