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    "Is Aunt Gan at home" 


    "Aunt Gan!" 


    Just as he patted on the courtyard door to call out, Zhang Fangyuan saw a woman with a striking silk flower came back twisting her waist from the outside. 


    The woman he called Aunt Gan was called Matchmaker Gan by others, because Zhang Fangyuan's father and the aunt's husband were distant cousins, so they were somewhat related. 


    "Fangyuan, why did you come here Xu family killed the New Year pig today, and you didn't go there" 


    Seeing that the door of her courtyard was slapped by strong, thick and powerful palms, it seemed to fall backwards into the courtyard, Matchmaker Gan hurriedly called to stop him, feeling in her heart, she couldn't help complaining about his own man, and the one who was killed with a thousand knives lay at home and didn't come to open the door. 


    "I came back after lunch.

It's not too far away from home.

I stopped by to see Aunt Gan.

Aunt just came back" 


    Matchmaker Gan didn't expect that her cousin's son would come to make friends with her today.

He was also an honest man, even if he died early, it would be pitiful to leave an only son behind. 


    "Yesterday, the wife of the Wang family at the head of the village asked me to see a girl for Da Langxiang of her family.

I didn't eat the pig soup from Xu's family here.

I rushed to take care of her business ." 


    Zhang Fangyuan said : "It is most appropriate for my aunt to handle these matters in our village." 


    "Oh, you boy, you are so sweet today." 


    "Nephew wants to trouble my aunt with something." 


    Matchmaker Gan immediately understood: "You guys are anxious about this matter.

You're not happy when I talked to you two years ago, but now you're tired of drinking wine, so you think it will be more comfortable to ask a wife to support you." 


    Zhang Fangyuan laughed: "In the village I'm not young anymore, just now I saw that everyone younger than me was holding their dolls, so I can't be in a hurry." 


    Matchmaker Gan smiled knowingly, being a matchmaker was born to be enthusiastic about gossip, and if someone took the initiative to ask for it, she was naturally enthusiastic in her heart. 


    It was just...

Matchmaker Gan looked at Zhang Fangyuan up and down.

He was talented and skilled.

He should be the best one to talk about.

It was because of his virtue and word-of-mouth.

She was afraid things wouldn't be easy to handle.

She didn't promise too readily.

"If there is a suitable one, aunt will call you to see me." 


    Zhang Fangyuan sincerely asked for help.

He transferred the two catties of meat hanging from his finger to Matchmaker Gan, and said in a good voice: "This is for aunt." 


    No matter which villager would be envious of such a large piece of meat for nothing, Matchmaker Gan refused, but her hands were very deft, and she happily picked up the meat, and her tone suddenly warmed up: "Nephew is too polite, tell aunt what you like." 


    Zhang Fangyuan thought for a while: "As long as it's not like Xu Shaochun." 


    Matchmaker Gan stared at Zhang Fangyuan with wide eyes: "This, Who among the single men in the village doesn't want to marry the second daughter of the Xu family, and you didn't say anything wrong" 


    "nephew can't afford to support the second daughter of the Xu family." Zhang Fangyuan laughed. 


    When he said this, Matchmaker Gan gave him a high look: "You can see clearly, you silly boy, and you've saved yourself some effort.


"Come on, aunt compares the girls and ge'er of the right age on hand, and goes to people's houses to find out what is going on, and if there is a sign, I will come to you." 


    Zhang Fangyuan saw that the most famous matchmaker in ten miles and eight villages agreed, and his heart was safe: "Okay, nephew will be waiting for your good news." 


    Matchmaker Gan sent Zhang Fangyuan away, shaking the meat in her hands.

She opened the courtyard door, and her man came out of the house: "You dare to respond to anyone's business.

If he comes to make trouble when there is no result, he will make the neighbors look good." 


    "Zhang Fangyuan also has good at hands and feet, can't he get a wife" 


The man snorted and said, "How many days does he stay in the village in a month He is like a drunkard when he comes back.

Who knows if he is drunk he will get drunk and beat people.

His old mother was beaten by his drunk father, who will give him the girl and ge'er." 


    But the matchmaker said: "He is not the only bad man in the village.

Didn't that limp and ugly Zhou met a ge'er." 


The man snorted: "Then don't you look at how much money the Zhou family spent to marry him back.

Ten taels! Let’s not talk about emptying out the family’s wealth, but scraping together everything to borrow it.

If there is a famine, it’s enough to buy a wife.

How can Fangyuan comes up with so much money to marry his wife Zhang’s family was also very wealthy before, and uncles are also from the upper class in the village.”


 The words were true, but Matchmaker Gan was a little guilty, because Zhang’s family was a bit rich, basically Zhang Fangyuan couldn't bear his own expenses, and his reputation was so bad nowadays, it was no wonder that Uncle Zhang didn't want to take care of Zhang Fangyuan. 


    Besides, when someone else came to ask for a matchmaker, they sent a basket of eggs and a few snacks wrapped in a handkerchief.

Who would give such a generous gift before the matter was completed Even the village chief’s family wouldn't be so generous.

In the final analysis, a single man couldn't live a life, so giving so many things could also show the sincerity of asking for a  wife, and he wanted to find someone to take care of him. 


    But after thinking about it, Zhang Fangyuan was said that he was indifferent and fierce, even if he asked his wife to go back, the little wife could still control him. 


    She withdrew her thoughts, and turned to lift the pork in her hand to save some face in front of her husband: "Look, it was given by Zhang Fangyuan." 


    Seeing the -string meat, the man swallowed subconsciously.

He pursed his mouth, and didn't continue to fight on the intuitive meat.


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