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 Zhang Fangyuan still didn't know that his market was already bad, humming a popular little song in the city, and went home cheerfully. 


    he didn't know that he was fooling around in the city for a few days, and the kitchen at home was covered with dust.

It was cold, so he simply lit a fire and boiled a large pot of water to warm the room, and when the water was hot, he could wash the stove and pots. 


    After finishing his errands and coming back, he couldn't help but thought that when the matchmaker got a news and he got his wife, someone would take care of the kitchen.

At that time, he would go out to earn money, and his wife didn't have to do many things so diligently, she just needed to tidy up the house, and he wouldn't have to make a fire by himself when he came back from the outside.


    After setting up two pieces of dry firewood in the stove, he walked through the middle hall to his bedroom.

There was a faint smell of alcohol in the room.

When he entered the door, he almost tripped over his trousers that were thrown on the ground. 


    he didn't know if a cat got into the house or he was drunk and didn't wake up.

The charcoal basin in the house was also kicked over, and it was thrown upside down in the middle of the house , with extinguished charcoal and ashes all over the place.


    Zhang Fangyuan was a rough old man, he was not good at housework, and he was not like a girl who liked to be clean, so he didn't pay attention to it earlier, seeing this scene now, he couldn't help but felt bad. 


    He stepped to the edge of the bed, pushed away the long wooden bench beside the bed, pried up two floor tiles, and pulled out a small solid wooden box from the bottom.

Hastily opened the box. 


    he saw a few pieces of broken silver lying alone in the box, and a silver bracelet with a mandarin duck carved with Ruyi Xiang pattern on the outside. 


    Five taels of broken silver, and four taels of silver bracelets.

That was to say, except for some loose money and things that could be sold for money, this was the only savings in the family. 


    Both father and mother were hard-working and willing to do hard work.

Although they didn't know how to run a business, the couple still saved a lot of money for him. 


    Zhang Fangyuan remembered that after his parents were gone, when the box that stored the family's belongings came to him, there were twenty taels of silver in it.

wandering around for the past two years, most of the family's life savings were just spent, and nothing decent was left behind.  


    He hugged the box and sighed slightly, the bracelet must not be moved, it was his mother's dowry back then, and he was also asked to leave it to his wife as a bride price in the future, not to his mother's family, but to make jewelry for his wife.

This also means that there were only five taels of silver at his disposal. 


    As far as daily expenses were concerned, it was already a large amount of money.

It must be known that after paying taxes and corvee for a year, the upper reached of the village households could have two thousand copper coins or two taels of silver left.


    As long as he didn't go to the city to eat, drink and have fun, and controlled his wasteful habits a little bit, he wouldn't spend much money.

It was just that there were important things to do right now, and he didn't know the price of marriage proposals.

After all, he couldn't go around borrowing money to marry someone back.

That was too shabby, and he couldn't do it. 


    Besides, he had a bad reputation now, and his uncles didn't want to see him, who would lend him money, maybe they thought he was lying about borrowing money to have fun. 


    The dog shook his head when he saw the situation. 


    Zhang Fangyuan slammed the box shut, money couldn't be saved, he still had to earn it, he was good, was he afraid that he wouldn't be able to earn money 


    Having made up his mind, he tidied up the inside and outside of the house.

If it was a hot day, he would also like to use hot water to scald all the places in the house, but in winter, the weather was cold and gray, and if the house was not dry for a long time, it would easily smell of water and mildew. 


    After daybreak the next day, Zhang Fangyuan was carrying a large basket made of bamboo strips, which contained some hunting tools and a sharp long-handled sickle.

Went to the main road at the entrance of the village, not in the direction of the city, but went to the back mountain of the village along the narrow path.


    Before it snowed and the weather was not too cold, he went to the mountain to chop some firewood and came back.

He could make firewood for the stove and burn some charcoal for the twelfth lunar month.

In addition, went up and down the mountain to make traps, and tried your luck to bring something back. 


    In this season, there were slightly more people going up the mountain than usual.

After the autumn harvest, the fields were idle, and they could at least plant seasonal vegetables.

The crops couldn't be grown, and the farmers were idle. 


    The land could be idle, but people couldn’t be idle.

After all, they had to eat.

People in the village either picked the vegetables from the field and sold them in the city, or found some casual jobs to do. 


    The Jijiu village where they lived was far away from the county seat, and it took several hours to go back and forth.

It was unrealistic to carry the burden to sell vegetables, and there were very few people in the village who sold vegetables.

As for casual workers, during the slack season, there was a lot of labor, it was difficult to find work, and the wages were lower than before. 


    In comparison, there were naturally more people going up the mountain, whether it was hunting and chopping firewood, or digging wild vegetables, there was always something to do. 


    However, Jijiu Village was surrounded by mountains on all sides, and there were mountain roads everywhere.

This was why more people went up the mountain in winter to find a way out, but they may not be able to meet other people.

Only across the mountains and forests, they could hear the sound of chopping firewood from the opposite side.


    Zhang Fangyuan swung his long-handled sickle all the way, and the weeds and vines covered with mist were cut down.

When he got up the mountain, a clear mountain path was cut out.


    After entering the mountain, he walked all the way to the deep mountain area, installed small animal traps, and dug holes to put iron nail boards.

These tools were really good for hunters, and the iron was precious, and ordinary people didn't have it. 


    In order to buy these iron lumps, all the meat and pigs he got from slaughtering animals were exchanged for money, and he bought damaged iron from the village at a low price and went to the iron shop in the city to beat them out.

He didn't save a dime before.

Next, he bought all these things. 


    he was born with a strong physique, and his favorite things were these cold iron objects.

Other people's treasures may be gold and silver, but his were knives, sickles, clips, nails, iron chains and so on. 


    Fortunately, he spent his money on buying these things before.

If he saved the money, he would have spent it earlier.

These tools could support him anyway. 


    After placing the traps, he marked each trap so that it would be convenient to return to collect the prey, and it also prevented the villagers from accidentally falling into the traps when they went up the mountain.

After doing this, he went out of the deep mountains to cut firewood, so as not to scare the prey out to eat. 


    He had only been able to walk for two hours before a figure stealthily went to see the marked trap. 



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