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    In summer, it was eroded by heavy rains, and the big and old trees that had been knocked down by lightning had almost dried up in autumn and winter. 


    Zhang Fangyuan was so strong, he chopped off the branches of the wood thicker than the waist , collected it and carried it to the edge of the mountain to pile it up for firewood. 


    He picked and chose.

The straight and smooth logs were generally reluctant to be split to make firewood.

This kind of wood could be saved as wood for building a house and repairing a barn in the future, and someone would take it, it could be exchanged for ten to thirty coins. 


    Although selling the wood could make money, it was a kind of luck and a lot of physical exertion.

Villagers who didn't have Zhang Fangyuan's physique generally didn't make this money, because they carried wood for sale every year, they would get broken waist , crooked feet, injured muscles and bones. 


    Occasionally, they wanted to improve their food and bought a catty of meat to eat.

So there were young and strong men who carried two trees from the village to sell. 


    In half an hour, Zhang Fangyuan found a dozen pieces of wood, and only two of them were of good material, and the others were crooked and unsalable.

He took out a hatchet and an ax from the back basket, and chopped the bad wood into small pieces on the spot, or split it directly.    


Chopping firewood was tiring, even if you didn't wear two pieces especially in winter, you could sweat all over in just a quarter of an hour.

There was no one around, so Zhang Fangyuan simply took off his clothes and hung them on a branch beside him, thinking in his heart that when he went to slaughter a few more animals, he would exchange the money for a saw.

Too tired to use axe and hatchets.     


He was thinking of better tools here, but he didn't know that his own knives and axes were enough to make others envious, and Xu He, who came to collect firewood from the small road and mountain, only had a blunt sickle.    


Xu He held the back rope hanging on his shoulders with both hands.

The rope as thick as his thumb was good when the back basket was not loaded.

A piece of flesh was strangled by the back rope.


    For this reason, when he went up the mountain, he would delicately collect layers of soft coats on the palm trees.

If there were too many layers, he could take them home and sew them into a back rope half a palm wide, which could reduce a lot of pressure on the load.     


However, he had just replaced the old back rope he used with a new back rope, and his mother took it for use.

He had to use the thin back rope, so he went up to the mountain to pick up some firewood.     


He was in a trance thinking about whether he could collect more palm tree coats today, when he pricked up his ears, he heard the sound of chopping firewood, one after another, as if he had inexhaustible strength, which made him quicken his pace.    


Everyone liked to pull firewood to the hillside for chopping or loading.

Firstly, it was close to the way down the mountain, so it was easy to go down the mountain; secondly, this side was more open and bright, so you could always pay attention to the time and weather.    


 Like a stubborn snail, Xu He managed to climb up the hill with a basket much bigger than his own body.

Before he could catch his breath, a tall man with a shirtless body and swinging an ax suddenly pierced his eyes.     


The man stood beside the pile of firewood like a rock that could not be blown by the wind.

His exposed back and arms were wheat-colored and bronze-colored.

When he exerted his strength, the veins on his arms swelled up.

It seemed that he was fully charged.

He didn't know how long he had been up the mountain, but the firewood cut at his feet was as high as the small hill.     


Xu He took a deep breath, averted his eyes belatedly, and almost tripped over a stone in a panic.

Zhang Fangyuan heard a sound behind him, and while wiping his sweat, he turned his head and saw that it was the youngest of the Xu family.

The little ge'er walked lightly with his face sideways, not wanting to make any noise to disturb others.

His appearance was very similar to a little black and thin monkey.

He was clearly considered tall among the ge'ers of the same age in the village, but he was too thin and frail.

Not as good as those short chirps.     


There were not many men in the village from a good family background, so that they were stunted and were not tall, so the ge'er who was too tall, he was not very popular among men in the village.


    Standing next to him was about the same size as him, without the feeling of being a small bird, few men would be good at this.


    Zhang Fangyuan greeted each other friendlyly: " He ge'er" 


The little black and thin monkey raised his head when he heard the words, but he was still walking.


    Zhang Fangyuan looked at the ge'er's back, and heard people said that the youngest Xu not only looked very different from his sister, but also had a temper that was not comparable to his sister.

He was weird and withdrawn.

Most of them didn't say a word, just like someone owed money to his family. 


    The temper was cold and smelly, like this little ge'er who wanted to be colorless and couldn't speak to be flattering, how would he marry in the future, most likely he would stay at home as an old ge'er and paid late wedding tax.    


 He shook his head and looked back, and suddenly saw the clothes hanging on the branch, his arms felt cold, and suddenly realized that he was not wearing any clothes.

He touched the tip of his nose resentfully, and greeted the folks out of good intentions, which seemed more like a joke in their eyes.


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