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    "What are you doing!" 


He heard that this butcher was not a good person, but he didn't know that he would bully a ge'er.

Even if the thief was late and stole his things and he didn't catch anyone, he shouldn't take the resentment on him! 


    Xu He clenched the corners of his clothes tightly, even though the fear in his heart was too far from Zhang Fangyuan's strength to get any good fruit, he still didn't show a cowardly expression. 


    He stepped on the small wild haystacks that were soaked by the rain, aggressively chasing the man one step at a time when he took two steps, and stretched out his hands to grab the back basket. 


    Zhang Fangyuan ignored Xu He's struggle, and stooped to stuff the chopped firewood into the back basket, just wanting to fill the back basket and went down the mountain quickly, but he heard the noisy people behind him. 


    He paused and turned his head.

He was stunned for a moment, and Xu He threw himself flat on the ground. 


    "What are you in a hurry for I won't eat your pannier." 


    He hurriedly put down the things in his hand and wanted to go over to help him up, but Xu He gritted his teeth and got up first.

He staggered a few steps.

The lump of trousers at the knee was scratched, and the wooden branch pierced through a large piece of flesh, blood and mud oozing out. 


    Xu He frowned, and limped to sit down on the side stone pier.

Regardless of the fact that the stone had already been wet by the rain, he quickly pulled a piece of cloth from the hem of his jacket, and simply wiped the wound, he didn't even groan, and both hands wrapped the knees like zongzi. 


    Zhang Fangyuan on the side was surprised by his quick movements, but he looked like a bear. 


    the bear looked at the pair of thin-soled cloth shoes that full of patched on the little ge'er's feet.

The main culprit for the half of the fall was the out-of-season shoes, and the half was because he took the other's back basket. 


    "Can you still go" 


    Xu He was covered in filth, and he glanced at Zhang Fangyuan slightly.

He knew that he was not only hurt but also embarrassed, but he didn't feel embarrassed, thinking that he was not the second sister who needed to maintain a perfect image in front of men. 


    He didn't want to reply to Zhang Fangyuan's words, so he got up and wanted to bring back the basket and packed less firewood.

He never thought about the sharp pain in his knees, let alone the difficult thing carrying firewood went down the mountain on a rainy day.


    "I'm still thinking about firewood.

Without this kind of firewood at home, I won't be able to cook tonight." 


    Zhang Fangyuan could see the embarrassment under his stubborn appearance, and he pushed back the basket: "I'll carry you down the mountain." 


    Xu He Obviously frightened by Zhang Fangyuan's words, his legs became even more difficult for a while. 


    It took him a long time to think of two words: "No need." 


    "Then I'll go down the mountain to find your father to pick you up" 


    Xu He silently didn't answer, his father was busy with other things, so he didn't have time to take care of him. 


    Zhang Fangyuan didn't intend to really leave the person on the mountain and went down to the Xu family to find someone.

Let alone went to the Xu family, it was raining heavily. 


    He knew what people were worrying about, and he emptied all the firewood that had just been put into the back basket: "Don't be stubborn, come to the back basket and go down the mountain." 


    Xu He saw that the butcher was going to use the back basket to carry him: " Then your firewood and pannier..." 


    Zhang Fangyuan fixed a glance at Xu He: "The firewood is more important than the person" 


    Xu He felt ashamed when he heard this, for he said something that was ambiguous. 




    Xu He squatted in the back basket, his knees were bent and felt a little painful.

Following the man's pace, he also wobbled, which was a little funny.

It was easy to think of the scene of buying piglets from someone and carrying them back. 


    He just went to recite it, and now he seemed to be that little pig. 


    Little Pig hugged Zhang Fangyuan's treasured iron tools, and looked down at the man walking steadily on the muddy path.

Perhaps his legs were big, and every step was solid.

Although he was curled up in the back basket, it was not comfortable, but he was steady.

It was more reassuring than walking by yourself. 


    He wondered how strong this man was, and he didn't even frown when he was carrying him behind his back, as if he was punching empty-handed. 


    "Going the wrong way!" 


    Xu He came back to his senses, sharp-eyed and found that the butcher was going down another path.

Although it was also the way down the mountain, it was a long way around and full of weeds.

No one walked it for a long time. 


    Zhang Fangyuan said in a deep voice: "It's easy to meet people on the right road, this road is a bit off, but no one walks." 


    Xu He was stunned and closed his mouth. 


    Didn't it mean that Zhang Fangyuan was a promiscuous person, drinking flower wine in the city How could you be so considerate for others 


    On the contrary, this made him felt a little uneasy, so he didn't take him to the city and sold him in a crooked way...

However, with his appearance, he shouldn't be able to sell him. 


    As soon as he was thinking wildly, he was carried to the place at the foot of the mountain where it met the main road without realizing it. 


    Zhang Fangyuan stopped in his tracks: "It will only take a quarter of an hour to get to your house.

It's okay for me to take you to the door, but if someone bumps into you, or your parents don't want to see you..." 


    Xu He said quickly : "I'll go back by myself." 


    Hearing the sound, the man put the back basket down.

He had been bent in the back basket for too long, his legs were sore and painful, he gritted his teeth and stood up, but he couldn't get out of the back basket.

He was a little embarrassed.

The person standing beside him raised his bent arm toward him. 


    Xu He glanced at the man, lowered his eyes slightly, grabbed his elbow, and used his strength to get out of the basket. 


    "Let's go home." 


    Although the rain at the foot of the mountain was a little less than that on the mountain, the two of them were still mostly wet.


    Xu He didn't stay long, hung his pannier on his back, returned all the butcher's iron tools, and limped towards his home. 


    When Zhang Fangyuan saw that the black and thin figure was about to merge with the rain, he turned around and was about to go back.

He heard a thank you in the sound of the drizzle.

When he turned back again, Xu He only looked at him briefly.

He glanced at it and turned away again. 


    He touched his nose, and this thank you made him even more embarrassed.


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