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"I can believe a human deceived me into becoming their servant. It was meant to be the other way round. Michael said the Demon King was paranoid and that humans were easy targets. Who knew mother was right about that damn bastard. Never trust your cousins she said…"

I sat up and stared at Moni as he paced back and forth in front of the couch I was sitting on. It had been a few hours since the demon summoning and he still hadn gotten over the fact that he had been tricked.

It hadn ever happened before so it was a little shocking for him, but at least by now he should have gotten over it. I was going to need a perfectly functioning demon soon.

The invasion hadn happened yet but I didn really expect to see anything until the day after tomorrow. Moni told me that the Demon King would only get the summoning notification tomorrow. It would take him at least half a day to get his scouts really and tear the portal a bit more to send them through.

So, I still had a little time to relax before things got hectic. I planned to go shopping for some more supplies but with the way the demon was acting, I was scared to leave him alone in the house.

He was a damn walking disaster, breaking furniture and causing problems with the electricals. The only thing he was useful for was his power and cooking abilities, neither of which were useful to me at this moment.

"Pull yourself together. Its been five hours since I explained everything so get over it. I don have time to deal with a baby."

Moni stopped pacing and turned to glare at me. Walking over to me, he exclaimed, "Just wait until I tell the Demon King-"

"Don make me use the Oath Ring on you. As for the Demon King, hell be too busy invading Earth to deal with your little issue." I glared at the demon and he huffed knowing I would use the Oath Ring and that I was right about the Demon King.

The Demon King cared about no one but himself. He wouldn waste time and energy in dealing with the problems of a lesser demon. Especially not when he had the opportunity to invade Earth and make his lifelong dream a reality.

Sitting down on the carpet floor in front of me, the demon crossed his arms and muttered, "Are you sure you

e not a demon? Or have demon blood? Because you definitely act like a great demon."

"For the fifth time, Im not a demon in any way. This is just how I am." I sighed, leaning back against the couch.

God, I wished Bia was here right now to deal with this bad excuse of a demon. Maybe she could knock some sense into him because it wasn working when I did it. No matter how many times I repeated myself.

He was making me regret summoning him, but I knew he was probably trying to do exactly that so I just played dumb and let him continue with his stupidity.

"You sure don act like a human. How could you be willing to sacrifice half of your species lives to get a better life." Moni leaned back, using his arms to hold him up, and stared into my eyes. "Thats what demons do."

"Because humans are selfish that way too. We have our own goals and dreams and some of us are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve them." I stared right back into his eyes. "Some like me."

So many people and beings had asked me why I did it, harmed my own kind and sent many to their deaths. That I wasn human and didn act like I was. At first it hurt but like everything else I stopped caring. It was useless feeling hurt about something I knew I was going to do over and over again. It was better to destroy the feeling than to drown in it.

"You really are one weird human." He sighed, probably giving up and finally realizing the situation he was in. "So, how did you know about the blood?"

When demons were summoned, most would be willing to do anything for blood. Blood had something in it that helped demons recover their magic quicker as well as make them stronger. It was where the whole vampire myth came from.

Of course, the blood they needed, red blood, was rare in the demon realm and so they would make deals with humans to stay in the human world and get the blood on the side. Souls were just a bonus to the deal. Most lesser demons would sell the souls they collected to great demons and demon gods.

The more ambitious ones would keep them and try their hands in the games with other players. Most didn make it far in the games and stories, but there were a few that had made it big and became demon gods.

The bottom line was blood was very important for demons but it was also a secret. Few knew about the whole blood thing as it would threaten the way demons got their supply of blood.

"I told you already. I studied everything about demon summoning."

"One doesn just study about demons and learn this stuff." Monis red eyes narrowed, suspicious of my words.

I got up annoyed at his poking for answers. I was exhausted and it was late for a school night yet I had to deal with a damn brat of a demon.

"Believe what you want then. I don care. Just make sure you have a barrier around this building and create a human disguise for yourself."

"And where are you going?" Moni got up from the ground.

"To bed."

I walked off to my room leaving the demon to figure things out himself. When I got to my room, I went to my desk which had different colored bottles of all sizes across the surface.

While the demon summoning had been successful, it was also draining. Grabbing an elixir from my desk, I drank the foul smelling contents. My body needed to get stronger so I was preparing it with different potions I had gotten from the System Store.

I needed to stockpile on a few more, but that could be done tomorrow. Moving to my bed, I lay down and closed my eyes.

Soon I drifted off into a deep sleep, exhaustion taking over my body.


"Find the bitch!! Shes hiding around here somewhere."

"Check the docks!! She might be trying to escape."


The sounds of heavy footsteps hitting the coble streets past me as a group of peasant men with pitchforks and torches ran towards the dock. Watching them turn the corner, I crept away from the barrels I was hiding behind and made a run in the opposite direction.

My bare feet ached as broken glass and other litter tore my soles as I ran through the slums of the Capital. I needed to get to the doctors house on the outskirts of the city. She was the only one who could help me now.

The wound on my side and the cuts on my body ached too but I ignored them too. My goal was to find refuge from those assholes. Then I could sort out all the injuries and problems I was facing. I just needed to…


I looked up and saw a guard approaching me. His silver armor gleamed in the moonlight as did the blue and gold emblem of the unicorn engraved near his heart.

House of Nasion.

I turned away and ran the other direction, not wanting the guard to catch me. First the peasants and now the noble family. Gods what was coming next. I didn want to do this. Why were they making me do this?

Street after street I ran. Aimlessly going wherever my feet took me not caring about where I was going. Soon I found myself on the edge of town, the great forest looming ahead. Hope bloomed in my heart. The doctors house was nearby. I could finally…

Pain suddenly hit me and I collapsed, looking behind to see the guard pulling his sword out of my back. Dark blood coated the sword and my eyesight blurred. From tears or pain, I was not sure. Maybe both.

I tried to move away but I couldn . The **er had cut my spine.

"Gods, what…did I do…"

"Kira Anderson, you are hereby guilty of desertion and will die by sword. You deserve worse for your heinous crimes…"

The guards noise dulled as I lay up looking at the sky. The moon was bright and the stars danced and shone brightly, looking like they were enjoying the scene below them.

I was dying. I could feel the blood leak out of my back and my eyes glazed over. Taking one last painful breath…

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