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The opening of the Interstellar Arena caused an unprecedented commotion throughout the entire Immortal World.

Countless sky-prides and Heavenly Champion had rushed over there, seeking to find great Opportunities of Fortune that could make them stronger.

In the Jade Pool Sacred Land, someone was sitting gracefully with her legs crossed.

It was a stunningly beautiful woman in long white robes.

She had a chilling temperament and Immortal Sparks flowing around her, adding a touch of divine supremacy to her appearance.

That person was Yu Zhi, the Jade Pool Maiden Sage.

Ever since obtaining the West Ruler Matriarchs inheritance, her cultivation progress had skyrocketed.

With the help of Jade Pool Sacred Lands resources, she was now one step away from becoming a True Immortal.

Not only that, but because she had the West Ruler Matriarchs inheritance, she could now stand a chance against a True Immortal in battle.

She was certainly worthy of being called a prodigy among the sky-prides now, a title on par with the Imperial Commanders of the Immortal Hall.

“Now that the Interstellar Arena has opened, I suppose he must be going as well.”

Yu Zhi opened her eyes and mumbled as she looked into the distance.

Just then, someone approached her.

It was the Jade Pool Sacred Lands current Sect Ruler, Qing Yao.

“Are you referring to Chu Kuangren” Qing Yao teased.

Upon hearing that, Yu Zhis face immediately turned red, making her look like an alluring but shy Immortal.

However, she regained her composure the next instant, as if the bashful expression she revealed earlier was an illusion.

“Why are you bringing him up, Teacher”

“If youre not talking about Chu Kuangren, who else can it be I dont suppose youre talking about Zhuo Donglai, right”

Yu Zhi frowned, looking displeased at the mere mention of Zhuo Donglais name.

“Theres no way.”

Compared to when Qing Yao mentioned Chu Kuangren just now, her expression was like night and day.

Qing Yao could not help but shake her head.

At that point, it seemed like Chu Kuangren had stolen her disciples heart.

Although that was an unexpected occurrence, she was not surprised it happened.

She, too, had been observing Chu Kuangren for some time.

Prodigies at that level were indeed the most attractive type for many women.

Even a School Ruler like her found it hard to resist Chu Kuangrens charms.

‘I suppose its not a bad thing if Yu Zhi and Chu Kuangren can end up together, Qing Yao thought.

“Speaking of Zhuo Donglai, I heard from the people of the Eastern King School that hes been rather close with a demonic cultivator recently.

The both of them are almost inseparable.”

“Oh, it looks like Ill have to thank that female cultivator.

Because of her, Zhuo Donglai hasnt come looking for me for a very long time, and it has made my life a lot easier.”

“Well, that person isnt a woman but a Heavenly Champion of the Demonic Yin Underworld Tribe.

Hes a male cultivator.”

Yu Zhi was a little surprised to hear that.

However, it did not bother her.

“It doesnt matter anyway.”

“Apparently, the demonic cultivator possesses the Primordial Yin Demonic Physique, which is a great contrast to Zhuo Donglais Primordial Sun Immortal Physique.

The two of them have been together to cultivate the Duality Rites Immortal Physique.

Tsk tsk, it looks like Zhuo Donglai is willing to sacrifice his all just to cultivate this Immortal Physique.

Hes got courage and guts for sure.”

“Has he succeeded” Yu Zhi asked with a frown.

“Oh, are you afraid of the threat Zhuo Donglai will pose to you when he completes the Duality Rites Immortal Physique Or are you worried that he might go look for trouble with Chu Kuangren” Qing Yao asked curiously.

A smile appeared on Yu Zhis face.

“If he truly wishes to defeat Brother Chu, Im afraid hes just… asking for trouble.”

She was not sure about Chu Kuangrens current strength.

However, even if she were to face Chu Kuangren back then with her current power, she had no confidence that she could win.

What was more, Chu Kuangren would only continue to improve, and his improvement would definitely be greater than hers.

‘Im afraid he has already surpassed me since the beginning.

Somewhere in an ancient and dark place, a person suddenly rose into the sky as a surge of terrifying demonic qi swept out and rumbled the surroundings.

The powerful demonic qi contained a horrifying god-killing intent that caused every living being within a thousand-kilometer radius to cower with fear on the ground.

Even the Heavenly Immortals could not help but shudder with fear.

That person was holding a black spear covered with mysterious Daoist patterns.

Terrifying black demonic lights were flickering faintly all over that spear, shattering the surrounding terrain wherever it went.

“The Godkiller Spear, one of the Innate Source Supreme Treasure that belonged to the Demon Forefather Luo Hou! Ive finally won your acknowledgment!” said Shi Tianxuan as he looked at the demonic spear in his grasp.

The Godkiller Spear was a Source Supreme Treasure that he discovered during the excavation of Luo Hous Ancestral Land.

It was an item on the same level as the Black Annihilation Lotus.

Furthermore, the portion of Demon Forefather Luo Hous inheritance was contained within the Godkiller Spear, so it was nothing short of a great Opportunity of Fortune for anyone who obtained it.

However, those seeking to obtain the Godkiller Spear and inheritance must first undergo a life-threatening trial.

Even Shi Tianxuan shuddered when he recalled the trial he had undergone.

It was just too horrifying.

The Demon Kings gathered countless sky-prides to undergo the demonic spears trial, and many top-tier sky-prides joined.

However, he was the only one left standing after the trial.

“With this Godkiller Spear and Demon Forefather Luo Hous inheritance, Im certainly stronger than you now, Chu Kuangren!”

“Youd better hope I dont bump into you in the Interstellar Arena.

Otherwise, I will rid myself of the humiliation you gave me and trample over you!” Shi Tianxuan said proudly as he held the Godkiller Spear.

Inside the Great Ten Thousand Mountains, at the Heavenly Golden Crow Mountain, a cruel blood sacrifice was taking place.

The Golden Crow King was tossing the corpses of many Golden Crow sky-prides into the Golden Crow Blood Pool.

The pool of blood bubbled as its water formed the face of a human that swallowed the corpses of the Golden Crow sky-prides.

Soon, all one hundred corpses of Golden Crow sky-prides were all tossed into the pool.

The Golden Crow Kings face was extremely grim.

Having sacrificed a hundred Golden Crow sky-prides at once, even he felt incredibly saddened despite being the Golden Crow Tribes Yokai King.

He kept reassuring himself that he was doing so to defeat Chu Kuangren and for the future of the Heavenly Golden Crow Mountain.

However, no matter how he put it, a hundred Golden Crow sky-prides were now dead when they were all supposed to be the future of the Heavenly Golden Crow Mountain.

At that time, the pool of blood suddenly exploded, and a golden water pillar shot up into the sky!

There were countless golden Daoist patterns contained within the water pillar, which flowed with Immortal Sparks.

In the water, the hundred Golden Crow sky-prides corpses were rapidly reduced to flesh and bones until the body of a three-legged Golden Crow covered in golden flames formed in mid-air.

All the water inside the pool of blood entered that Golden Crows body.

The next instant, that Golden Crow opened his eyes and let out a long howl while spewing endless Golden Crow flames everywhere.

The Golden Crows all across the Heavenly Golden Crow Mountain shivered uncontrollably upon hearing the howl, and they could feel their bloodline being suppressed.

Even the Golden Crow King was no exception to that.

“That feeling… Its a Golden Crow with a seventh-awakened bloodline!”

“Its also very close to an eighth-awakened state.

This person is a Prodigy.

Hes certainly a Prodigy among the sky-prides, one that has a chance to reach the Embodier Realm!”

The Golden Crow King was very delighted.

Suddenly, he found that the deaths of those hundred Golden Crow sky-prides were all worth it.

In the history of the Heavenly Golden Crow Mountain, hundreds of sky-prides had awakened their bloodline six times.

However, only a handful of them had ever reached the seventh-bloodline awakening, let alone a Golden Crow that was very close to awakening its bloodline for the eighth time.

“As expected of a spiritual body being born from a single drop of blood from the Golden Crows ancestor.

Its truly terrifying indeed!”

“With him around, my Heavenly Golden Crow Mountain will definitely emerge victorious in the Interstellar Arena!”

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