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Vampire diaries Strange Love Chapter 7

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Kira woke up due to the sunlight that was piercing through her eyes.

David stood up and used his palm to block the sunlight for shinning in her eyes but Kira pushed his hands and stood up hurriedly.

Though the morning sun couldn affect her but it will soon be sunset and as a vampire, her skin will start burning up.

Kira remembered the message her father sent and checked her phone hurriedly for the time.

It was already 10am.

OMG, this man will tell me the story of my life today" Kira whispered but loud enough for everyone to hear.

They all started laughing at what she said.

Kira and her father part 1" Leo held her hands and pulled her up.

Lets get going" said Kira.

Aren you having breakfast? We just had ours and David saved some for you" Sam uttered playfully.

Im not hungry" Kira stated.

Kira went to where the parachutes were packed and picked one. She was about to wear it when David offered to help, as usual, she objected to it saying that she had hands.

They all wore their parachutes and started packing. Kira who was a spoilt brat didn know how to park so she just stood still.

She looked down from the mountain and saw how far the ground was from where they were.

"I think Im going to go first" Kira giggled.

No you can , Its too dangerous. Who will receive you down there? How will we know if something happens?" David exclaimed.

Have you forgotten that she is always a guy when she is around us? Stop treating her like a lady" Sam remarked joking.

Leo drew Sam to a side and said "always mind your business when it comes to them both, let them build their love story".

I will go first" David said.

No I will" Kira sneered angrily.

They kept arguing for over ten minutes, then Leo stood up and jumped saying " see ya".

Sam also jumped and now it was remaining Kira and David but they both refused to go first.

Why the f**k are you so frustrating and annoying" Kira yelled at David.

Am I frustrating you? Im so sorry, I didn know. But I honestly can go and leave you here" David adjusted his jacket.

Okay, no problem, I will jump first but I need your help" Kira said with a smirk.

David knew she was up to something but he still answered her. "What do you want me to do for you?"

I need you to stay by my side and count one to three with your eyes closed" Kira uttered with an evil smile.

David still couldn figure out what she wanted to do so he obeyed and stood still. She told him to start.

1,2" David counted. Kira said the last figure and pushed him off the mountain.

She smirked and jumped off the mountain.

They both landed safely and Kira laid flat on the ground due to exhaustion.

Kira did you really have to do that?" glared David.

Yes darling" Kira stood up from the ground.

Kira entered the car and the rest also did.

Where are we going?" Leo asked.

Lets eat beef burger and juice before going home" Sam uttered.

I can eat beef because Im on diet so I will take salad" stated Kira.

They drove off.

..... Ive been trying her number since ages dad, shes not picking" Mia, Kiras step sister said.

Ricardo Kim kept pacing around angrily.

Darling, you know your daughter, shes always very reckless and disobedient, you shouldn be worried" Helena mumbled with care.

Sir, Kira has always been like this so stop worrying about her" Nathan spoke calmly.

I called you here so that you can call your so called best friend, why isn she also taking your calls?" Ricardo yelled at Nathan.

Nathan didn want to inform them about their misunderstanding, he looked to the ground and didn say a word.

Darling, why do you want to see her?" Helena being anxious about their discussion asked.

My dad told me to inform her that some guys will come looking for her tonight, but I don know if she should run or stay" Ricardo said with a hand on his head.

If grandfather wanted her to run, he would have said it bluntly" Mia said cutely.

Lets just wait for her to arrive" said Nathan.

Hey" Helena called the maid who walked past them.

The maid stood in front of her and bowed her head. Helena said "Get me three glasses of apple juice and a cup of coffee, don forget to add ice cubes to the apple juice".

The maid left to the kitchen and they all sat silently.

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