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Chapter 29 - A Master Of Emotional Manipulation

Rudra could not possibly reveal his reincarnation secret to anyone..... not even his family. Soo there was absolutely no way in hell that he would tell it to someone he doesnt personally know too well like Karna , to recruit him into his guild.

There was no logical reason for him to explain how he knew Karna , or tell him directly about joining his guild as a vice guild master . What Rudra did pick up in his last life though ..... was Cheating and Deception.

Make no mistake ladies and gentlemen , Rudra Rajput is not a clean guy ..... he is not a white angel nor is he a dark devil .... he is somewhere between the 50 shades of grey . He will manipulate and deceitfully lie about anything to spin the situation in his favour.

The previous famous game before 'Omega' was Royal Road ..... The game was a immersive MMORPG but it still did not have a full dive technology. However it dominated the market for the past 20 years and had a huge player base.

In the documentry about Karna in his last life ... called 'A Day in the life of the Undefeated Karna' , his previous guild in Royal Road called 'Karni Sena' ( means Karna's army ) was breifly mentioned

Using his past life knowledge of this event , he decided to hatch a plan .....


( In the VIP lounge of a Hotel in Purplehaze city)

Rudra and Karna sat opposite each other and tea was served. Karna was naturally nervous about this meeting seeing the stature of the man sitting opposite him .

" So what buisness do you want to discuss". Karna Asked

" I wont delay you for long , you maynot remember me but you are my benefactor ..... once in Royal Road you helped me with clearing a world boss in the wilds , and not taking a single thing from the drop ..... it was probably nothing for a high level player like you .... however it helped my gaming career a lot ".

Karna was baffled ..... did such an event occur Well he was a teenager while playing royal road and people played under game characters in Royal Road with no resemblance to their real self , hence it was hard to say if he really did not meet him , considering it was 5 years ago he stopped playing the game.

Rudra continued " I could not help you back that time .... but that one act of kindness that you showed me , made me who i am today .... i was hooked to gaming because of how cool you looked slaying the boss i could not..... alone like a piece of cake. With time i improved my gaming skills and today I am fortunate enough to be able to give a little back for that favour you showed me that day ".

Rudra took out the Epic ranked Slaughterer blade he got from the Emmisary of Church quest ..... He saved it for Karna himself , as he planned on getting him for a longg time.

" I can never pay you back for your kindness .... however please accept this small gesture of return".


Is this real ....... Just what kinda guy is Shakuni to remember such a small kindness and return it a thousandfold with such humbleness His heart moved ... In this cutthroat world ... maybe this guy is an idiot just like him .

" I cannot take this .... its tooo much " Karna said

Rudra pretended to look hurt and said " Please accept it .... it is just a token of my heartfelt gratitude ".

Karna was really really tempted to take this blade away but his honor as a man made him say the words that Rudra Tricked him into saying

" I will accept your gesture under one condition..... " He said

"Yes" Rudra asked

" If you want us to be even .... ask me of a service i am capable of , which you beleive is of equal value to this weapon ..... i will do whatever you ask of me to fairly earn this weapon ".

Karna knew he could never dream to pay for this weapon .... even 10% of this weapons worth would make his seven generations bankrupt. It was too valuable to be accepted as a gift... however as a reward it was still acceptable for his self conscience..... he did not want to take advantage of Rudra 's kindness.

Rudra pretended to be in deep thought .... however he was inwardly thinking ' YOU ARE WATCHING A MASTER AT WORK '.

" I am planning to make a guild for elites only ..... it is my dream to gather only the finest of the talents in a guild together ..... we maybe only 30 or 50 people however we will be the cream of the crop who everyone will respect ...... I need a capable Vice Guild master though ..... will you be interested" Rudra asked

Karna's heart moved again ... this guy .... even now he was bestowing more and more favours on him ..... Just how pure is the guy sitting infront of him Is he from the same dog eat dog world he lived in

Karna felt he was undeserving of being in a guild for all elite's ... however he felt that Rudra would be eaten raw in this dog eat dog world if left alone... He felt a sense of possesiveness to protect that guys innocence.... and for that reason alone he thought he will be around to ensure this guys smooth sailing..... he promised to work hard and proove his worth to the guild and Rudra ..... Although he wanted to stay with his old guildmates from Royal Road and schooldriends..... He was soo caught up with the Rudra character that he felt moved enough to jump ship ..... hence he said.

" Although im not deserving , it would be my honor".

Rudra manipulated Karna into feeling indebted to him while he started the conversation as a indebted person willing to return a favour ... The way he manipulated Karna ' s emotions lived up to his in game name of the greatest schemer to ever live on the face of the earth 'Shakuni'.

BOOOYAH!!!!!!!!! ....... TASK 1 ( CHECK)

Rudra was extremely elated..... he told Karna to settle whatever needed to be settled and meet him in two hours for the foundation of the guild.

Karna was in for a big surprise when he would learn about the platinum guild token and the Grey international' s support behind them ........ becoming Rudra's right hand man would proove to be the best decision he ever took in his life.

While Rudra was happily celebrating the signing of his vice guild master a system notification rang

// 1 : 48 , .... .... .... 21:00 3 ... //

Rudra smiled ... " about time" he whispered.

Everything was on track , the next few days will be very crucial and busy for the completion of his plans.

He was exited for the challenge , JUST BRING IT!


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