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MMORPG Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master Chapter 3 - Leveling Up

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The way skills worked in 'Omega' , was you needed to either train in the skill manually yourself and learn to execute a skill flow, or upon slaying monsters or clearing dungeons you may get skill scrolls

Upon learning a skill scroll it would disintegrate but you could instantly learn a skill using a scroll .

But Rudra even at level 1 knew two skills he used extensively in his previous life

Sword skills

Thrust and slash

Rudra passed a swarm of players on his way to finding a wolf den

Wolves were a level 3 monster , generally noone at level 1 should engage with even one wolf much less a horde of 12 wolves , but Rudra was skilled enough to pull it off

He scouted his surroundings and hid behind a rock before throwing a small pebble in a bush near him

It alerted a wolf who came to check it out just as he peeked behind the bush


-150 HP

The wolf died instantly .

But now 11 wolves were charging in on him

Rudra ran around obstacles to slow down

the wolves as he damaged then one at a time


It took him 17 minutes with his stamina fully depleted that he finally slayed all 12 wolves










"hahahaha" , Rudra laughed madly one single escapade gained him 5 levels

and now had 25 unassigned stat points

Actually the distribution of points for the knights class was easiest . It was standard distribution a knight could learn magic and combat and also wield any weapon . They were the jack of all trades with all stats being balanced.

Hence he evenly assigned all points

"system open stat pannel"


Player Name : Shakuni

Title : none

Class : Knight

Subclass : none


Tier : 0


AGI : 10 VIT : 10

INT : 10 STA : 10

PHY : 10 HP : 200/200

Status : Healthy

Equipment : common stone sword


He then went around to collect the loot


[Leather boots] (Bronze): beginers boots , gives very little protection to the feet , will wear out easily,

2% agility

'Hmm , not bad for level 6 , thought Rudra and equipped the boots' . The loot was decent especially the 55 bronze coins ..... at this stage of the game the coins had immense value .

A commoner NPC would earn about 10-15 silvers a year , that was the average wage , hence the value of the 55 bronze coins was someones effort of a month.

This world followed the system where

100 bronze coins = 1 silver coin

100 silver coins = 1 gold coin

1000 gold coins = 1 platinum coin

While most players were stuck at level 2 or 3 , Rudra was aldready level 6 , he was now ready for the quest that would be given in blackwater village elder

He went back to the village , and went straight to the desolate hut at the edge of the village. That hut was visited by many adventurers , because its position was very peculiar , it stood out a lot . But noone could get a quest because you needed to be level 5 first.

But Rudra was still very impressed by these peoples gamers instinct to go to that house. On his way there he was adviced by a bunch of players

"Nothing there mate, no quests"

Rudra smiled at them but still went ahead

" Hmm, another arrogant prick who thinks that old man in the hut will give a quest, well we warned him"

As he entered the hut , he saw a old man looking at the wall , it was a painting of the blackwater village ,it was a very happy sight.

He turned to look at the adventurer and sighed

" You look troubled sir, may i help you with something" Asked Rudra

" You are an exceptional adventurer, i see gaining strength soo fast. Perhaps you indeed have the capability to help me, come sit ill narrate you a story".

Rudra was glad , the quest will now happen , he took his seat

" Blackwater village was once a very prosperous farming village , with a beautiful lake in the village vicinity.... alas 50 years ago the lake water turned black and made this area unable to do farming..... I am the village chief for the last 60 years and am nearing my death , help me solve the mystery of the blackwater lake "

[Blackwater village quest] ( A ) : help the chief solve the mystery of the blackwater lake

Rewards :

Failure penalty : - 200 reputation within Hazelgroove kingdom,-3 level

Completion time : no set time

This was a terrifyingly difficult quest , at this stage of the game A ranked quests were not possible for players to clear , and the penalty was extremely heavy

a negetive reputation means you will not be welcome in any state owned facilities.

Rudra took in a deep breath and accepted the quest

This is because in his previous life a gamer named quazycupcakes took this quest and it took him 4 months to clear it. But upon clearing he was given the title of ' savior of blackwater village' and the title of a 'baron' in the kingdom.

These rewards were extremely important for Rudra hence he undertook this quest. Also , he aldready knew the method of clearing , hence he would clear it much faster, thats why he dared to accept.

He headed out to the wild as the secret of the blackwater lake was related to a hidden dungeon in the nearby forests.It was a rare hidden dungeon that would only activate when one found the hidden passage in a desolate cave in the forest

There was a necromancer in the cave practicing dark magic and the wastage of his experiments was drained into the underground drainage system which connected the blackwater lake , turning the entire lake black.

He needed to slay the nectomancer and expose his hideout to the village chief to complete the mission

Easy right

No , the necromancer was a level 11 entity and the number of skeleton guards were unknown , The previous guy completed the mission at level 15 hence for Rudra to clear it was going to be a big challenge.


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