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Universe Maker Chapter 4 (exploring and the first god)

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Mind realm

I have nearly forgotten to collect my awards. I got six hundred MC for both of the major objectives, a hundred MC for both the secondary objectives, a hundred MC for the special achievement, and four hundred for the the stremely rare special achievement. Having an over all balance of one thousand and three hundred MC.

And I ended up looking a bit at the store. I knew that the multiverse seed of order was expensive, but I was shooked that it costed sixteen quintillions. I found out that multiverse items are more expensive overall. Well, at least for now, I did not find anything that I was interested in buying. So, my trip began.

I was previously in the mind realm, because it was the first place, I went after the universe creation. If I was to describe it, it was, although desolate, beautiful.

It awakens a sort of mind sense in you, it gives the unique sensation that the objects, even the inanimated, were thought talking to you. Its like ever grain of soil have a only thought of the one, "I am the grain of soil!". Like ever single thing cumprimentes you in your mind. As I was now, a creator, that in itself was a stronger form of god, this things do not disturbe me much. But I sure if I was still human that might be a mind breaking experience. Think this realm will get the record of worst place for meditations in the universe, or maybe there might be someone in the future who persives it as an enlighting experience.

There was no sun. No moon. But there was light, created by the realm itself. And strangely enough there was no shadows. Like light was a thought put not fisical.

And besides the barren soil. There was only one special place here. It was an enormous building, like tall as the empire state and as with an area as big as a city. It has a massive square dome, it has some pilar of a very beatiful wood that seems both sort of alive and as strong as concrete.

But the walls appears to have a sort of holografic futuristic theme. The shelves were made of a weaker form of wood that strangely enough seams. There curently were no books in the shelves , but if there was, I can intuitive tell that if there were, they would be semitransparent holografic things.

The dome appears to be made of crystal glass. With some star drawings that seems to represent all the conection nodes it have with other places. But I already checked this connections are in fact distributed in between the soil out of the building. At last, thw realm seems to be rodiated by a sort of tiffon, with the central and only bulding being in the eye of the storm. But strangely enough the sky is not cloudy and the wind to not seem much strong.

I guess I will visit the law realm.

Law Realm

The law realm was quite exotic. It gives a different sensation. It gives a meagre sensation of weakness, but not like you would pass out, but like you were a trivial existence in front of the mighty laws. The space as a whole seems like a eleventh dimention enormous graph. The laws were nodes of this graph. Part of the information strings rotate around the laws, somewhat containing them put in an irregular tragetory that encopass all the extra dimention of this space, and to some extent like a snake motion. The rest of the information nodes make the connnections between the laws.

Each of the law radiate raw power, although they have diminute sizes, like in particular the fire law, that was a mere sparkle, radiates gama radiation and have a sort of absurd temperature.

And you may ask, how can I know so much by just looking its a sort of "superpower" I got because of my connection with the universe.

At last, there were the mythical strings some peculiar structures semitransparent that pass thru space like a sord of ghost attach itself with the laws. It is complitily enveloped in mysticism, nonetheless not even I am sure what this entails.

Now lets cotinue my little jorney.

Mortal realm

Now I am in the mortal realm, that still do not have any mortal. I can see the mythic strings passing true space and trying to tye itself to present concepts of reality put it seems most are withered without anything to connect to yet.

The realm was very not big even with all the universe expansion, it merely was approximately eight times bigger than my previous life solar system. It was merely a lesser form of chaos without anything much entertaining to note. Just a giant nebula, with a lot of gaseous ki, and a little less of vapor of mana and divine energy.

So I threw myself in the river of energy and soul.

Fairy realm

Using the river of energy and souls I transported myself to the fairy realm. It was not a comfortable experience the river was quiet erratic. There was not any souls there yet, seems like I will have to create them from scratch, something that I have no idea how to do yet. It mixed the liquid mana and divine energy with the gaseous qi. Sometimes the divine energy would solidify in some small pieces, one of which nearly perfurated the eye of my avatar. Reminding me that I should envelop myself with a barrier.

Finally, the river branch entered the fairy realm. Three is not any sun in the sky, or moon or stars at all, but somehow the sky was bright just like the mind realm. There was not any sort of concept that but pressure in any being like the mind and law realm. The realm consisted of a giant plain that forms a diverse forest thar only have trees. No fungi exists, or any bacteria at all, or even a simple bush.

The trees were very big, some of the bigger one being more than five hundred meter tall, about one thousand six hundred and forty foots. Their fruits were delicious and richly norish one with qi, mana and divine energy. But not all plants have fruits some few only have seeds that fall out of them. All the trees seemed to be sort of immortal, not aging at all, but without any thought of there own. Most of the fruit, were in fact, seedless.

The bigger ones seems to have their roots attracted in the river banks, whereas the smaller ones have their roots attracted to the logs or roots of the bigger one, acting as parasites, and even smaller doing the same but with the less small ones, and this cycle continues gradually until the smallest trees of the forest. Sometimes the energy from the fruits would concentrate in the soil forming a sort of veins like structure, that sometimes connected and dispersed in the river branches or main river, while in others they woul incubate new trees.

Crasily enough, even with all those insane consumption the river of energy and souls was quiet far form withering. After walking true the realm, I got lucky enoug to encounter a fairy.

The fairy was female. She has one point two meter in height, about three point point nine foots. She has big wings attracted to her back, that were translucent purple, with blood capillaries that were translucent white.

Apparently, my universe fairies have an anatomy that quiet resemble a human one, probably cause I was human before. Though besides wings, fairies don have wisdom teeth, auricular muscles, a type of muscle that helps some people to move their ears; coccyx, appendix, and by what I can tell any male will never ever have nipples. The wings control the qi flow in the air to make it densily back itself bellow them making an intense air resistence that make fairies fly.

She was in her teens by what I can tell. Fairies entered there adolescence the same age as human but it only ends when they are in their fifties. As the first female fairy, she seems to have gotten an intuitive to speak in something that can only be called fairy language, that I can intuitive speak, perks of being the creator. She wear a self made tunic made of tree bark.

_What are you?-She asked, interrupting her meditation. Clearly surprised of seing some other being that resembles a fairy like her but is not quiet one. Until now nearly thought she was alone in this world, except for the male fairy that she intuitive nows existed, but have never ever met before. Probably because the fairy realm was the size of a continent.

_I am... Hmm. Well, I am Raziel. - I thought a bit about this name. It is a name of aramaic origin, that in some "translations" means god is my secret. I think it gives a mysterious touch.- I am known as the anatomy creator. But who are you?

_I am... I don have a name yet. I am a fairy.- She says.

_What about Ana, meaning favored grace?

_I like it. Thank you.


e welcome

And them we talk a little more. She told me about her day to day rotine, she usely open holes with pointy rocks in the trees and extract their sap. But sometimes she eat fruits that fall from the trees. She told me about this instinct desire desire that she has of controlling the rivers of the realm, but that she still is to weak to it.

And thats why she meditates ever single day to try getting a better hold of it. Lastly, she told me about her quest in founding the only male fairy in the realm. Yes, although fairies were created the multiverse order seed only made them in the most minimal quantity.

Then, we started traveling together and after some months, with my help, we finally found the so called male fairy that I named Chanda. Chanda is the latin transcribed version, of an Indian name that means fierce or passionate in Sanskrit.

He was taller than Ana, with one point thirty eight meter of height, about four point five feets tall, in this time frame Ana has grown only some few centimeters or inches if you prefer. He was wearing only a male skirt made of the same material of Ana tunic, with an eight back abs showing. His lifestyle was a bit diferent of Ana.

Even though, he tried to control the river flows, he attempt to do it in some very peculiar ways, like swimming to try to changer the river flow, or trying to challenge the river to a fight, which went obviously unanswered as the river do not have sentinence; or even trying to command the trees to control it for he was the (self proclaimed) king of the fairy word, which also went unheeded.

He usually spends nearly and hour climbing the biggest of trees just to get their fruits, that according to him are the sweetest and most taste, while the one that did not matured yet were a little salty, perfect for lunch and dinner. He was a bit of a muscle head, and a genius in his on right.

While Ana advanced in the path of mind and created, without knowing, a path of mind and mana, that with more time and dedication might lead to the appearance of the first mages, Shanda unwittingly created a path of body and mana that might led in the future to the first magic warriors or battle mages.

Weeks, months, and then years passed. Ana and Shanda become closer and started dating. So I thought it was finally time to suggest a idea that I have years ago.

At this moment, Ana was peparing to start a meditation session and Shanda was startind his workout regime that we developed together, that combines perfectly: bodybuilding, aerobic exercises, yoga and some fighting styles.

In spite of the fact that I was not an expert in non of those in my past life, but I know a bit about all of those and with my anatomy aspect I could complement the mising cabs, and combine them, exempt yoga, which I could only decipher the physical part, and nothing about the meditation, that was in fact an essencial, if not the main part of it. Getting a nerfed yoga as the result, that seems more like a stretch with breath control. So sadly I could not help Ana much, with her mind training, not that she was not doing very well on her own.

_Shanda and Ana, I think I know a way of allowing both of you to control the river together.- I said to them.

_How?- they asked excited, but not surprised. At this time, they already thing of me as a sort of sage that accompanies them in their jorney.

_First you should touch each other hand.

_Done.-they said.

_Now close your eye.

I could see and interact with souls, nothing in my universe could easily hide from me, but my understanding of them were close to null. And they were essentials to the creation of life without them even if I created a perfect working body it will simply not work, like a cellphone without battery.

With the only exemption being the true form, that I could understand. Also knowing how it connect itself and modes the rest of a creator soul. With I being able to create a nerfed version of it, a god true, because it was a physical manifestation of a soul, that way being connected with my anatomy aspect. So thats what I did.

I created a true form of a androgenous fairy god of the river of soul and energy, it was basically a giant genderless fairy that seems to have a body made of mana, qi, divine energy and some points bright point that seems to represent souls and apears like it was a flowind river with a fairy form.

Ana isn supposed to be this god, nor is Shanda. They are supposed to be this god together. I connected both there souls to this true form. An interesting phenomenon happens, that action seems to have cataclysmed a torrent of mana, qi and divine energy that seems to be norishing both Ana and Shanda body, mind and souls. It seems that the god form is trying to "heal" its owners, just like I predicted.

Without this nourishment, they would probably have taken a long time to being able to use all the power of their true form and their domain, that is a nerfed form of my aspect, but still quite powerful. With this Ana became the demigodesses of the inflow of the river of energy and soul, while Shanda became the demigod of the outflow of the river of energy and souls.

_What are you?- Ana asked as she nows what I turn them into.

_ I already told you. I am the creator of the aspect of anatomy.- I answered a little mysteriously.

_Whatever.-she said annoyed with my vague answer.

_It was a worderful experience passing all this year with both of you. Now I need to go. Goodbye.-I said jumping to the river of energy and souls that was now flowing orderly.

_Bye, master- said Shanda.

_Bye, Raziel.- said Ana.

When I was already far from them, that I asked myself, to where I am going.

_I think I will go to the reincarnation realm.-I said to myself

_Oh, god of the great river- an abreviation that I created at this moment, because river of energy and soul was to damn long.- please guide me to the reincarnation realm.- I prayed.

And so came, that way, the first prayer of the universe.

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